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The AAMC publishes statistical data each year which includes MCAT percentiles and MCAT scores statistics. This information is originally intended to help the AAMC in tracking their testing methods,  but also inflicts on medical institutions and students who wish  to evaluate their position in comparison with the whole population of test takers.

MCAT percentiles in a nutshell

A percentile represents a specific data value in respect to the population of values it belongs to. In our case, each MCAT score is a value. When referring to this score's percentile rank we look at the percentage of the population that acheived less than this given score. MCAT score percentlies thus give a measure of sucess in the test. The MCAT is a standardized test, and its score scale ranges between 0 and 45. According to the past few years' statistics we find the following approximated data:

MCAT score percentile table

Score range
Percentile rank
As you can see, the average score for the MCAT is somewhere around 25, as 50% of the population is placed under it. Naturally, most students consider a 30+ score as something they can start "trading" with, as top medical schools are known to accept many students who have MCAT scores in 85th - 99th percentile ranks.

This gives you a gross picture of competitive MCAT scores, however, the word gross must be emphasized as the GPA and other factors also contribute to med schools' final screening process.

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