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MCAT scoring

The MCAT test is comprised of four separate sections, each receiving its own score. The raw score of each section is simply a sum of the correct answers. The raw scores of each section are converted to a normalized scale, which enables comparison between students taking the test on different dates and in different locations.

The physical, biological and verbal sections are converted to a scale of 1-15. The writing section is scored numerically on a 1-6 scale for each essay and then converted to a J-T letter scale. Learn more about the MCAT writing score.

After the four scores are calculated separately, the total score is represented as the sum of three parts ranging from 1-15 scale and the letter assigned in the writing sample. For example a student who scored the following in each section: Physical – 7, Verbal – 9, Biological – 10, Writing - P, will have a total score of 26P.

Remember, since the scores are normalized, there is no chance of one test date being "easier" than another. The only way to get a good MCAT score is to prepare well.

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MCAT percentiles

Since the MCAT is a standardized test, MCAT percentile ranks are used to explain and analyze the scores in relation to the whole population of examinees, and in comparison to previous tests. Each MCAT percentile rank for a given score represents the percentage of test takers which scored lower than that specific score. For example, the 99th percentile represents the MCAT scores which 99% of test takers scored lower than ( in our case it approximately refers to the score range of 40 to 45 ).
Read more about MCAT scores percentiles.

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Average MCAT scores

What is a good MCAT score? There are two ways to answer this question. The first is by looking at the average MCAT score of the past few years. According to AAMC publications, the average MCAT score in the last 4 years is as follows:


Average total score

Average physics score

Average biology score

Average verbal reasoning score





















MCAT writing score median is O, and all scores have a standard deviation of about 6.5.

The second way is by examining competitive scores for top medical schools in the U.S. read more about MCAT scores for medical schools.

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Good MCAT score

In the past few years, having a good MCAT score is usually considered as having a two digit score on each section, and at least an N on the writing sample. This means that MCAT scores above 30N are usually sufficient in order to become a potential medical school nominee. One other important thing about the score is that it should be balanced. Scoring 15 on verbal and 6 on physical reflects an unbalanced score, and may affect the way the MCAT test score is viewed.

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MCAT score release

Scores for each MCAT test are usually published after a month. They can be viewed on the AAMC site. To learn more about this issue go to MCAT score release.

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Our MCAT scoring

The TestPrep-Online team has put a lot of effort into making our MCAT prep testing software as close to the original as possible: candidates receive a normalized score between 1-15 for each section and a total score for full practice simulations. These normalized MCAT scores are statistically tested periodically so that they are as close to the real thing as possible.

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The data above is optional and not obligatory by any means and is based upon personal knowledge of the TestPrep-Online team

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