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About PSE&G:

PSE&G (Public Service Electric & Gas Company), the largest subsidiary of PSEG, is among the largest combined electric & gas companies in the U.S. Formed in 1903, PSE&G was originally named the Public Service Corporation (PSC). By combining over 400 gas, electric, and transportation companies in N.J., PSC was formed and renamed PSE&G in 1948. Today, PSE&G serves almost three quarters of N.J., from Bergen to Gloucester Counties, a 2,600-square-mile diagonal corridor service area across the state. PSE&G services 1.8 million gas customers and 2.2 million electric customers in more than 300 urban, suburban and rural communities, including N.J.’s six largest cities.

PSEG employs over 10,000 individuals in fields such as electric and gas delivery, nuclear and fossil generation, and energy trading. PSEG prides itself in being dedicated to the career development of all of its employees. Whether the employee is at the start of his/her career or is already well-versed, PSE&G provides various initiatives to aide employment development and growth. By providing career and leadership coaching and development guidance, PSE&G enables employees to grow as professionals.  

Other subsidiaries of PSEG include PSEG Power, PSEG Energy Holdings, and PSEG Services Corporation.
  • PSEG Power plays a major role as an unregulated independent power producer, consisting of three primary subsidiaries: PSEG Fossil, PSEG Nuclear, and PSEG Energy Resources and Trade.
  • PSEG Energy Holdings is a LLC in N.J. primarily concerned with maximizing its investment portfolio value and seeking valuable opportunities with regard to renewable energy. PSEG Global and PSEG Resources are the primaries subsidiaries of PSEG Energy Holdings 
  • PSEG Services Corporation provides internal clients quality value-added services. With innovative leadership, quality service, and cutting-edge technology solutions, PSEG Services Corporation serves the internal clientele of the Enterprise family of companies.

PSE&G Career Opportunities:

PSE&G employees aide in setting PSE&G's reputable standards in all areas, including electric and gas delivery, nuclear and fossil generation, and energy trading. As a leader in the production and delivery of safe, reliable, economic, and clean energy, employees play an essential role in one of largest energy and services companies in the U.S.A. For individuals seeking employment in PSE&G's technical or mechanical field, it is important to note that EEI testing will most likely be required. To learn more about EEI tests and EEI practice tests, click here.

The following are examples of positions that may require at least one EEI test:

  • Apprentice Engineering Techs
  • Division Mechanic Assistant 
  • Division Mechanics 
  • Generation Supervisor
  • Lineman/Linewoman 
  • Maintenance Supervisor 
  • Relay Technician 
  • Senior Operations Supervisor 
  • Utility Mechanic Apprentice
  • Nuclear Equipment Operator

Preparing Online for PSE&G Pre-Employment Assessment:

EEI partners with PSE&G in order to provide pre-employment testing for job placement. Individuals interested in a career at PSE&G, click here to learn more about EEI tests and EEI practice tests.

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