CAST Test - Construction and Skilled Trades

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The CAST test is a battery of aptitude tests (paper-and-pencil) designed for the selection process among applicants across several construction and skilled trade occupations.


    Research & Development:

    The CAST test is the resulting product of a large-scale project sponsored by EEI and executed by HR Strategies. The project was conducted in order to develop an employment selection test in construction and skilled trades fields. 34 investor-owned electric utility companies contributed to this project, providing research information and analysis performed by thousands of employees and supervisors. The CAST test can predict the probability of success of a candidate in the following categories related to construction and skilled trade jobs:

    • Transmission and Distribution
    • Facilities and Repair
    • Other Facilities (e.g., Carpenter)
    • Electrical Repair
    • Machining and Vehicle Repair
    • Meter Service and Repair

    CAST Test Battery:

    The CAST test battery is administered over approximately two hours.
    Two different forms of the CAST test battery are available.
    The CAST test battery consists of four tests (or sections):

    1. Graphic Arithmetic (16 questions/30 minutes)
    2. This test assesses one's ability to solve arithmetic problems via use of information from prints or drawings. The test taker is presented with a drawing and several follow-up questions. The test includes a total of two drawings and 16 questions, to be completed within 30 minutes.

    3. Mechanical Concepts (44 questions/20 minutes)
    4. This test assesses one's ability to understand mechanical principles. There are 44 multiple-choice questions, each relating to an illustration of a mechanical situation designated to the question. The test is to be completed within 20 minutes.

    5. Reading for Comprehension (32 questions/30 minutes)
    6. This test assesses one's ability to read and comprehend written materials. The test taker is presented with four passages and several follow-up, multiple-choice questions. The test includes 32 questions and is to be completed within 30 minutes.

    7. Mathematical Usage (18 questions/7 minutes)
    8. This test assesses one's ability to work out basic mathematical problems with the information provided at the beginning of the test. The test includes 18 multiple-choice questions and is to be completed within seven minutes.

    CAST Scoring:

    The CAST test can be scored both by machine and by hand. The four CAST aptitude test scores are combined into a single index score, ranging from 1 - 10 (10 being the highest). A candidate's index score reflects the expected probability of successful job performance.

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