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EEI Employment-Selection Tests

Companies Who Use EEI Tests

EEI Tests

EEI currently provides employment tests for the electric industry and continues to develop more tests to expand into the gas industry. These tests allow electric companies to hire a productive workforce of qualified workers, without having to go through remedial training. These tests assist in identifying candidates who possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for successful job performance. EEI tests are primarily aptitude tests, such as:

  • Mathematical
  • Reading
  • Spatial
  • Mechanical
  • Reasoning

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EEI tests require knowledge in specific fields. In order to succeed in any test, ample time must be dedicated to test preparation. TestPrep-Online offers EEI practice tests along with other preparatory tools. TestPrep-Online's various aptitude practice tests consist of hundreds of questions so that you can familiarize yourself with the types of questions that will be on the test. Test structure familiarity inspires confidence and results in high-test scores. Start studying now with TestPrep-Online and succeed in your EEI test!

EEI Test Sample Questions

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