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Here at TestPrep-Online we are proud to offer our range of graduate admissions practice solutions. We have decided as a first step to concentrate on three very popular tests - GMAT, LSAT and MCAT.

MCAT Practice

We currently offer three full-length practice tests for the MCAT. In addition, we offer excellent guides for the verbal reasoning and writing sample section. Learn More about our MCAT Prep services

LSAT Practice

For the LSAT, we offer two full-length tests. You could, in addition, decide to purchase our logic games separately. Learn more about our LSAT Prep.

GMAT Practice

Our GMAT practice pack is currently the most extensive one. it includes 7 full-length tests including score reports. Learn more about our GMAT Prep

Our advantages

Test level difficulty and above - Our test writers make sure to not only adapt to the right test level but they also provide you with high-end questions. Our experience shows that training harder makes test-day experience easier. 

Step by step mode
– A training mode in which you receive feedback and an explanation after completing each question. Especially useful for a preliminary exposure or for practicing an test that you find difficult.

Real Test Simulation mode – Allows you to take a timed test as you'd do on the actual test day. Following the test you will receive feedback and a report of your results.

Normalized score reports – Our smart score reports are normalized, which gives you a clue as to how you perform in relation to the population of test takers.  

We look forward to having you on board. 

TestPrep-Online Team

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