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TestPrep-Online offers complete online preparation for the Canadian Public Service Graduate Recruitment Test - GRT. Review the four question types that will be on the test and prepare with TestPrep-Online's practice test packages.

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Canadian Government Graduate Recruitment Test (GRT)

If you pass the Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE), the Graduate Recruitment Test is the next test you will face on your way to qualify for a job at the Canadian Civil Service. Below you will find important information on the GRT and references to additional resources.

General Test Format

Reasoning questions

Duration: 90 minutes.
Content: Multiple choice questions are presented in four areas: similarities, arithmetic problems, figure analogies, and number series. The questions appear at random throughout the test and are not subdivided. Calculators are not allowed.

The Four Question Types
  • Similarities: In these multiple-choice questions, five pairs of words are provided as choices. The task is to find which pair most directly refers to a more general concept given within the question. Each of the pairs will be related to the general concept but it is your job to choose the pair that relates most directly.
  • Arithmetic: These questions require you to find the formula that solves a given problem. You must choose from five potential formulas which one will solve the problem correctly.
  • Figure Analogies: These questions contain eight figures, three figures labeled X, Y, and Z are on the left side of the page and five figures are on the right side. Figure X has been slightly altered in some way to create figure Y and again for Figure Z. One of the five figures on the right is identical to Figure X, Y, or Z. You must select the figure on the right that mirrors the alteration made from X to Y.
  • Number Series: A series of numbers is presented and you are required to determine the rule that is used to generate the series and accurately predict the next number(s) in the series from the potential numbers listed as answer choices.

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