Post-Secondary Recruitment and Selection Process - The PSEE

TestPrep-Online will take you through the Canadian Post-Secondary Recruitment application process. Our practice tests will maximize your chances of advancement through the process.
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The Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) process was developed for Canadian federal organizations as an aid in the recruitment and hiring processes for university and college graduates throughout Canada. This process is used to fill entry-level positions with the federal government. Educational qualifications range from college diplomas to doctorate degrees. TestPrep-Online has designed full preparation packages for each selection test to ensure your advancement throughout the selection process.

The Selection Process
The Public Service Commission oversees the candidate selection process in phases and by invitation.

The first step of the process is the Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE). This test is unsupervised and is administered online and can be completed from any location. The PSEE measures reasoning and problem solving skills. It is comprised of 25 questions and to be completed in 80 minutes. There are four different question types that appear randomly throughout the test. The four question types are:

  • Arithmetic reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Number or letter series questions

TestPrep-Online recommends preparing for the PSEE with our online practice tests to maximize chances of advancement to the next stage of testing. Regardless of the number of positions one may be applying to, the PSEE may only be taken once and the score will be applied for all PSR positions. Only candidates who pass the PSEE will be invited to the next stage of the selection process: the supervised tests. Candidates who meet the minimum required score will be invited to the next step of the selection process and will be required to complete the following tests:

Candidates are placed based on performance of the supervised test. It is important to perform well on these tests, as some employers may ignore lower scores and offer positions based on comparative scores with other potential candidates, hiring only the top scorers.

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