Preparing for the Canadian Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) Process

TestPrep-Online is here to help you prepare for the Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) process and for the Public Services Commission (PSC) tests (GRT,SJT, WPCT, PSEE). Get ready for the next recruitment campaign.
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The Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) process is an annual recruitment campaign led by the Canadian federal government for hiring university and college graduates. Scroll below to learn more about the different tests and on ways to prepare.

Tests Involved in the Selection Process

The Public Service Commission oversees the candidate selection process in phases and by invitation.

Stage 1: PSEE (Unsupervised)

The first step of the process is the Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE). This unsupervised test is administered online and can be completed from any location. It is comprised of two sub-tests; a Reasoning Test which is accessible to all applicants and a judgement test, which becomes accessible only after a candidate has completed the first test and only if additional information is needed to complete the assessment. Learn more about the PSEE.

Stage 2: GRT, SJT and More (Supervised)

Candidates who meet the minimum required score will be invited to the next step of the selection process and will be required to complete the following tests:

Candidates are placed based on their performance on the supervised test. It is important to perform well on these tests, as some employers may ignore lower scores and offer positions based on comparative scores with other potential candidates, hiring only the top scorers.

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