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As a global leader in the field of online test preparation, TestPrep-Online (TPO) is dedicated to helping its customers achieve top-level scores on the various Wonderlic tests. Our team of psychologists and educational experts developed the ideal Wonderlic practice test-prep kit, which includes the following:

 The most accurate representations of the Wonderlic test questions available. 
No surprises on test day!

Full-length Wonderlic practice tests with answers and explanations so that you can truly improve your performance.

The only Wonderlic studying system available online, enabling you to take timed tests and receive detailed score reports from the comfort of your own home.

 There are two Wonderlic practice modes available - Step-by-Step mode (with explanations) or Timed mode (to simulate the actual test).

Our Wonderlic study guide set includes essential tips, a back to basics review of all the necessary material, a Wonderlic question guide to teach you how to tackle all types of questions, and a special time-saving guide demonstrating how to earn more points in less time.

TPO provides everything you need to best prepare for your exam

Our mission is your success

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All About Wonderlic Assessments

Wonderlic assessments are aptitude tests designed to assess the knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or personality traits of prospective employees and students. While the Wonderlic test is best known for its use in the NFL draft, Wonderlic assessments are also commonly used to select employees among a wide range of prospective candidates in various fields of employment each year. Each of the different Wonderlic test types vary in length and time allotment. Score standards tend to differ, depending on industry, as each industry has its own requirements. Wonderlic tests may be taken online or on paper depending on the test type and the institution administering the test (academic or employment).

TestPrep-Online offers preparation resources for Wonderlic’s five most popular tests. Find and select the test-prep kit relevant to you and begin preparing for:

  1. Cognitive Ability Tests (Personnel Test - WPT) 
  2. Scholastic Level Exam (SLE)
  3. Basic Skills Tests (English and Math)
  4. Perceptual Ability Tests
  5. Wonderlic Personality Tests

How to Successfully Pass the Wonderlic Test

To successfully pass (and/or achieve your desired score), it is important to prepare for your Wonderlic test. Here at TestPrep-Online, our experienced and talented team of psychologists and educational experts developed realistic test content in order to help you practice, improve your score through learning, and track your progress. Each Wonderlic practice test includes a score report and a detailed explanation for each question. In order to help maximize your chances of success, TPO also provides you with simple, yet smart problem solving strategies.

In the competitive world of college admissions and job selection processes, TestPrep-Online’s practice packs can help you achieve your academic and/or career goals. Start practicing today!

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Free Wonderlic Basic SkillsFree Wonderlic TestSample GAIN Questions "Just the timing aspect alone helped me mentally prepare for the time constraint. The other major thing that helped me was the math tips study guide."   
Shana, NY, March 2014 (Wonderlic SLE)

"Your preparatory questions tuned my mind in a correct way to face the real questions."   
Josh, May 2014 (Wonderlic Test)

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