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All About Wonderlic Tests

Wonderlic assessments are aptitude tests designed to assess the knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or personality of employee candidates and prospective students. Approximately 2.5 million people among various fields take the Wonderlic test each year. Among these individuals, the average score is a 21 out of 50.
The Wonderlic is best known for its use in the NFL draft.

Wonderlic Tests are split into four fields:
  1. Cognitive Ability Tests
  2. Knowledge and Skills Tests
  3. Personality Tests
  4. Behavioral Reliability Tests
Each test type varies in length and time allotment and each industry has its own test score standards. Tests may be taken online or on paper depending on the test type. Below, learn how TestPrep-Online can help you improve your Wonderlic scores.

Wonderlic Test Types

1. Cognitive Ability Tests - The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Tests assess the applicant's ability to learn, adapt, solve problems, and understand instructions.
  • Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test - The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is one of the most widely utilized and respected pre-employment aptitude test. This test measures general mental ability and is used for the selection, training, and placement of employees.
  • Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) - The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) is the academic version of the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test and assesses one’s general mental ability. It is commonly used as colleges entrance exam.
2. Wonderlic Skills Tests - The Wonderlic Skills Tests measure the applicant's proficiency in language, math, and office skills.
  • General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN) - The GAIN test measures basic to advanced skills in English and mathematics. It is sometimes used as an entrance exam to occupational and career colleges and courses, as well as an Educational Functioning Level (EFL) assessment test.
  • Basic Skills Test (BST) - The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test assesses basic verbal and quantitative skills, designed primarily to assess candidates for entry level positions.
  • Advanced Skills Test - The Wonderlic Advanced Skills Test assesses advanced verbal and quantitative skills, designed to assess candidates for certain professional positions and college courses.
  • Perceptual Ability Tests - The Wonderlic Perceptual Ability Tests (formerly known as HAY Battery) is made up of three different tests utilized in order to identify employment candidates able to efficiently work with alphabetical and numerical detail.
  • Writing Skills Evaluation - The Wonderlic Writing Skills Evaluations assesses a candidate's writing competency with regard to content and structure.
  • Office & Software Skills Test - This Wonderlic Skills Test assesses basic to expert levels of proficiency in a variety of Microsoft Office software, along with other office skills, such as typing, data entry, and call-center services.
  • Direct Assessments of Learning Outcomes (DALO) - This test evaluates skills gained from professional courses and professional readiness for the next stages of professional education programs.
3. Wonderlic Personality Tests - Wonderlic Personality Tests measure the applicant's personal characteristics in order to predict job performance and place employees in compatible positions.
4. Wonderlic Behavioral Reliability Tests - Wonderlic Behavioral Tests measure the probability that one would engage in unethical or counterproductive behavior.

Types of Questions on the Wonderlic Assessment

  • Word comparisons - two words are presented and the test taker must determine if the words are synonyms, antonyms, or have no relation; another type of word comparison question is finding exact duplicates among pairs.
  • Disarranged sentences - a series of disordered sentences is provided and the test taker is required to reorder the sentences correctly.
  • Following directions - a task (or a series of tasks) is provided, and the test taker must follow the directions given in order to reach the correct answer.
  • Number comparisons - a series of numeric terms is listed and the test taker is required to determine which term possesses a particular characteristic (i.e., lowest amount, highest amount, etc.).
  • Number series - numeric terms is listed in the form of a series and the test taker is required to determine which number is next in the series.
  • Analysis of geometric figures - a series of geometric figures is provided, and the test taker is required to determine which figure does not fit in the series.
  • Sentence parallelism
  • Word problems:
  1. Mathematical - a math problem in word form is provided and the test taker is to resolve the problem with the information given.
  2. Logical - logic questions generally provide two separate sentences of information; based on the information given, the test taker must answer in the following way: true, false, or uncertain.


The Wonderlic Test was initially designed to aid employers in personnel recruitment and selection. In the 1930s, Eldon Wonderlic created a short test that was used to provide employers with general knowledge of applicants’ intelligence levels. The test quickly became popular and within a decade many industries were using the Wonderlic Test for personnel selection.

The test became known as the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) and is still in use today under the name of Wonderlic Classic Cognitive Ability Test. Today, a variety of Wonderlic tests are used for a several purposes, each designed for a specific field. Wonderlic currently offers 30 different tests and the Wonderlic tests are commonly used in sports (most notably by the
 National Football League (NFL) to assess the intelligence and skills of players).

How to Prepare for the Wonderlic Test

It is important to score as high as possible rather than just passing, as passing scores are determined by each employer and may vary by industry.

Even minor improvements in your score can determine whether you or someone else will get the job. Our online practice tests consist several questions and problems to solve and provide in-depth explanations for each question. Our Wonderlic practice tests are also timed the same way a real Wonderlic test is in order to prepare you for test day.
Start practicing with TestPrep-Online.

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