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3rd Grade Math Premium Pack

Start preparing for 3rd grade math tests with over 400 math problems. Our 3rd Grade Math Premium Pack includes questions from a variety of topics such as geometry, fractions, sequences, and arithmetic. The pack also includes math study guides and answer explanations. Improve your child’s score and confidence—start practicing now!

The pack includes:
  • 9 Word Problem drills (108 questions)
  • 11 Working with Numbers drills (212 questions)
  • 3 Extra Practice drills (75 questions)
  • 6 study guides covering Operations, Fractions, Estimations and Measurements, Sequences, Geometry, and Equations.
  • Answers with detailed explanations
  • Personalized score reports
  • Secured payment & immediate online access

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CogAT Level 9 Premium
340 Questions & Answers (2 full-length CogAT Tests)
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OLSAT Level D Premium
347 Questions & Answers (3 full-length tests, additional practice questions)
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3rd Grade Math Practice Tests (Level 9)

Our 3rd grade math practice tests cover a variety of topics including:
  • geometry, work rate, distance, and arithmetic word problems
  • coins and money, place value, sequences, computation, and price lists questions
The 3rd Grade Math Premium Pack also offers extra practice, including additional topics of:
  • graph analysis
  • fractions
  • measurement
  • estimations
The six study guides, available in the Level 9 3rd grade Premium math practice pack, cover a variety of topics and offer an in-depth and alternative method for your child to learn more about the following topics:
  • Sequences: What is the definition of a sequence? How can your child recognize one? How can your child best solve a question related to sequences?
  • Four Operations: How are some of these operations performed and what exactly are they?
  • Estimations and measurements: What are the rules for converting units of measurements? What are the best tips for estimating answers and performing quick computations?
  • Fractions: What is the definition of a fraction? How do fractions work? How do you convert a fraction?
  • Equations: What is an equation? How do you solve an equation? What examples and tips can best show how to work with equations?
  • Geometry: What are all the rules on geometric shapes, areas, perimeter, formulas, and properties that third graders should know about?
Enrich your child’s math knowledge, and improve his or her confidence and performance in 3rd grade math testing.

Prepare for 3rd Grade Math Tests

TestPrep-Online offers 432 questions and six math study guides for 3rd grade math practice in this Premium preparation pack. Questions are grouped into drills, accessible in Step-By-Step Mode or Timed-Mode, depending on practice style that suits your child. Pause, restart, and resume each test easily. Enhance your child’s learning and practicing of 3rd grade math today.

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