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A high school diploma opens more doors than you may think. Whether you want to get a promotion, apply for a better job, or earn your college degree, a high school diploma can help you achieve it. But you don’t need to stop everything you're doing and go back to high school just to earn one. You can take the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) instead. TestPrep-Online is committed to helping you take that important step toward a brighter future and a better career.

TASC Test Practice

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  • What Is the TASC
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  • Science
  • Social Studies
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  • What Is the TASC Test

    The TASC is a high school equivalency test that grants those who pass it a High School Certificate. In that respect, people who have not received a high school diploma or who dropped out of high school have another chance to move forward with their lives and pursue better career options as well as higher education. The TASC test may be taken online or on paper.

    Candidates who are not currently enrolled in or have not graduated from high school, and who are at least sixteen years of age, may be eligible to take the TASC test. Note that some states may have additional requirements determining candidates' eligibility.

    TASC Sections

    The test has five subtests measuring different academic areas. Candidates must score well on all of these subtests to pass the TASC exam:

    • Mathematics

      The TASC math section measures candidates' levels of mathematical reasoning, focusing on algebra, geometry, basic math, and word problems. Candidates have a total of 105 minutes to solve 55 questions. Candidates are given calculators for the second part of the Mathematics section.
    • Science

      The TASC Science section contains 50 questions and has an 85-minute time limit. The questions assess candidates' understanding of:
    • Earth Science – This science places emphasis on atmosphere, oceanography, geology, and meteorology.
    • Space Science – This science measures candidates' understanding of plants, solar systems, galaxies, and their order of hierarchy in the universe.
    • Life Science – This science focuses on the structures and processes of all organisms as well as their connections and interactions with each other, from cellular forms to large ecosystems. Candidates are also assessed on their understanding of heredity and evolution.
    • Social Studies

      The TASC Social Studies section is comprised of 50 questions that must be solved within the 75-minute time limit. This subtest focuses on three different subjects:
    • Civics and Government – This section focuses specifically on the rights and duties of a U.S. citizen, as well as the important documents and the core values that make up the nation's government system.
    • Economics – Candidates should understand the underlying principles of unemployment, currency and money flow, the Federal Reserve System, microeconomics, and inflation.
    • U.S. History – This section covers everything from the Colonial Era to present day, with particular emphasis placed on the Civil War and the following Reconstruction, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, and the Postwar Era. Candidates should memorize dates, names, and important events that took place during these times.
    • Writing

      The TASC Writing section assesses your writing skills using various question formats, as well as through an argumentative or informative essay assignment. In this section, candidates are asked to demonstrate their ability to write comprehensive, well-organized arguments while paying attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. Candidates have 60 minutes to answer 52 questions and 45 minutes to write their essay.
    • Reading

      The TASC Reading section measures candidates' ability to analyze a given passage and extract the main ideas and arguments. The texts given may be taken from stories, poems, histories, dramas, myths, and non-fiction. Most of the texts are informational in nature. Candidates have 75 minutes to answer 50 questions.

    TASC Test Results

    To pass the TASC exam and earn a High School Certificate, candidates must score at least 500 on each of the subtests, as well as at least 2 out of 8 on the Writing prompt.

    Should a candidate fail a particular subtest, he or she may take that subtest again. However, there is no need to retake the entire exam.

    Practice for the TASC ONLINE!

    COMING SOON: TestPrep-Online is currently working on developing an affordable and comprehensive TASC preparation pack to help you pass the TASC and discover a life full of new opportunities. With our TASC study guide, practice tests, and detailed answer explanations, you are sure to pass the TASC with ease and confidence.

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