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ACCUPLACER Practice Tests - English Pack

Prepare for the English sections of the ACCUPLACER test with online practice tests and questions designed to simulate the actual test. Take advantage of our full-length practice tests and additional exercises to help you improve your grammar knowledge and skills. Get the ACCUPLACER English pack and start practicing now!

The pack includes:
  • Three ACCUPLACER English tests (120 questions)
  • 100 additional Reading Comprehension questions
  • 100 additional Sentence Skills questions
  • 160 additional grammar questions
  • Two ACCUPLACER English study guides
  • One ACCUPLACER information guide
  • Personalized score reports
  • Detailed answer explanations
  • Secured payment & immediate online access

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ACCUPLACER English Sections

The ACCUPLACER English sections consist of Sentence Skills, Reading Comprehension, and an Essay. There are 20 questions in the Sentence Skills section, 20 questions in the Reading Comprehension section, and a single essay assignment for the Essay.

The Sentence Skills section tests your understanding of sentence structure and English grammar. Three skills are assessed using two types of questions. You must demonstrate that you can recognize errors and illogical combinations, understand coordination and subordination, and identify complete and grammatically correct sentences. The questions in the Sentence Skills section are sentence correction exercises and construction shift questions. The explanations in our practice packs outline how to recognize and answer these two types of questions.

The Reading Comprehension section assesses five skills: critical thinking, identifying main ideas, knowing the difference between direct statements and secondary supporting ideas, understanding written material, and understanding the relationship between any two sentences. Questions in the Reading Comprehension section are either based on a passage provided or on a pair of sentences.

The Essay measures your ability to effectively communicate ideas in writing, as well as other writing skills and your writing style.

Prepare for the ACCUPLACER English Tests

TestPrep-Online provides three full-length practice tests that contain 120 questions and cover the material examined on the ACCUPLACER English sections. 360 additional questions are provided for practice of the Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills sections, as well as for general grammar understanding and application. Start practicing with the ACCUPLACER English Pack now.

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