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CLEP College Algebra Practice Test

Is your CLEP College Algebra exam coming up? Soon, TestPrep-Online will offer a CLEP College Algebra practice pack to help you prepare and pass your exam.

Our New CLEP Pack with Practice Questions Will Be Released Soon!
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About the CLEP College Algebra Exam

There are four topics that make up the CLEP College Algebra Exam:

  • 12 questions on number systems and operations
  • 15 questions on algebraic operations
  • 15 questions on equations and inequalities
  • 18 questions on functions and their properties

Within these four topics, you will face two kinds of math problem: routine, straightforward math problems, and nonroutine, more complicated math problems. The latter type of math question will require you to have a strong grasp of mathematical concepts and be able to apply these concepts and your mathematical skills to answer the questions.

Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. Early preparation can help you face this section of the test with the confidence and knowledge required to pass.

You will be required to answer 60 questions in 90 minutes, and you may use a calculator to help you.

Start preparing soon with TestPrep-Online! We are currently developing a new CLEP Algebra practice pack, full of CLEP Algebra sample questions and Algebra practice tests, designed to help you understand the questions and prepare for the test.

About the CLEP Math Test

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CLEP College Algebra Prep

What will be included in our upcoming CLEP College Algebra practice pack? You can prepare with a CLEP College Algebra test simulation, and additional CLEP Algebra practice tests that cover the four major topics.

Our simulation will be just like the real test – you will have 90 minutes to answer 60 questions. You can either work through the test question by question, in step by step mode, or use it to test your skills, before or after you start practicing.

We will also provide CLEP Algebra study guides to help you better understand the concepts behind the questions.

Our New CLEP Pack with Practice Questions Will Be Released Soon!
Check Back Here for Updates!

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