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Clyde Hill Elementary School Test Prep 2018

Prepare for upcoming G&T testing at the Clyde Hill Elementary School, Bellevue. Get CogAT practice tests and CogAT sample questions and start practicing now!

About Clyde Hill Elementary School, Bellevue, WA

Clyde Hill Elementary School is located in Bellevue School District and is one of the district’s 17 elementary schools. The school caters to students in preschool – 5th grade and has approximately 600 students.

About Bellevue School District

Bellevue School District is one of Washington’s top performing school districts, with several schools consistently ranked among the nation’s best. The district is located in King County and serves around 20,000 students. The district’s 17 elementary schools include a Spanish immersion school and Mandarin dual language elementary school. The district also has 5 middle schools, 4 high schools and 2 choice schools (grades 6–12).

Clyde Hill Elementary Gifted Program

Clyde Hill’s gifted program offers differentiated instruction in the school’s core content areas to especially capable students. The program aims to develop higher levels of understanding in its students and focuses on complex ideas and advanced concepts. The curriculum is both extended and accelerated. Students are selected to the program based on performance in two tests: the CogAT or Cognitive Abilities Test and the Star Assessments.

Start preparing for the CogAT now! Choose the correct level for your child from the list below:

CogAT and Star Assessments Testing at Clyde Hill Elementary School

Schools in Bellevue School District typically use the CogAT and Star Assessments as tools to screen students for gifted programs.

The CogAT measures students’ problem-solving skills and level of cognitive development. Questions are designed to assess students’ core ability to learn and reason and are not based on a given curriculum or material. The CogAT is comprised of three subtests in different areas of reasoning: verbal, involving reasoning with words and sentences; nonverbal, involving figural reasoning; and quantitative, involving quantitative relationships and concepts. To learn more about the test, head over to our CogAT page.

The Star Assessments, on the other hand, are geared to measure skills that are learned in school. At the elementary school level, the Star is used to measure reading and math achievement. The test is adaptive and computer based, meaning the level of difficulty is continuously adjusted in accordance with students’ response.

Start Preparing for Bellevue District Gifted Testing

Screening for gifted programs in Bellevue District can be very competitive. How well your child does on the CogAT can have important consequences for their future educational path. To help your child have the best chance at gaining from the opportunities of specialized gifted programs, begin test-prep well in advance

Making sure your child is familiar with test formats and helping him or her work on testing skills can make a significant difference in performance on test day. To start now, check out our CogAT prep pack.

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