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Free CogAT Level 10 (4th Grade) Sample Test

Get a feel for the CogAT with ten free Level 10 sample questions. The sample test, which can be taken online or downloaded as a PDF, covers all CogAT Form 7 question types and all questions are accompanied by thorough explanations. Good luck!

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Sample Test Preview

[1] Think about how the words in the top row go together. Which word in the bottom row fits best with the words in the top row?

[2] Which number goes in the square with the question mark?

[3] Look at the top row. See how the paper is folded and changed. Fill in the circle under the picture that shows how the paper looks when it is opened.


[1] Choice 2 – The correct answer is bishop. These are all examples of pieces on a chess board.

[2] Choice 1 – The correct answer is 5. The first thing to notice when solving this type of question is that both sides of the equation must be equal. Since we are trying to solve for the '?', we must get it by itself on one side of the equation. To do this we must subtract 7 from both sides: 2 × 6 − 7 = ? + 7 − 7. Our new equation is: 2 × 6 − 7 = ?. Now solve for '? ‘, since: 2 × 6 = 12 and 12 − 7 = 5, the correct answer is 5.

[3] Choice 3
First the paper was folded diagonally from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner. Then it was folded again from the lower-left corner to the upper-right corner. Then 3 holes in different shapes were punched out. Therefore, when the paper is unfolded the holes will mirror each other across the diagonals of the page. To solve this question, look for the answer choices in which the holes do not mirror each other in the right way. The 2nd and 4th choices can be eliminated in this way. Next, concentrate on the area of each remaining answer choice that appears in the rightmost frame of the question series (in this case the triangular area on the right side) and eliminate all choices that are different. The 1st choice can be eliminated as the circular hole is under the pentagon hole but should be above it. The 5th choice can also be eliminated as the pentagon has been rotated. We are left with the 3rd choice as the only correct answer.

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