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Free CogAT Level 11 (5th Grade) Sample Test

Does your child need to prepare for the CogAT? Get our free 10-question sample test for the CogAT 11. The test can be downloaded as a PDF or taken online, and covers all question types found on the Form 7 complete with solutions and explanations.

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Sample Test Preview

[1] What is the relationship between the first two words? Choose the answer that relates to the third word in the same way that the first two words are related.

[2] What number comes next in the series?

[3] The top three shapes have something in common. Which of the five answer choices beneath the three shapes is most like them?


[1] Choice 2 – The correct answer is: cured. To persuade is to make someone convinced, in the same way, that to heal is to make someone cured.

[2] Choice 1 – The correct answer is 14. In this series, the pattern is as follows: first 12 is added, then 8 is subtracted, then 12 is added, then 8 is subtracted, and so on. The pattern is: +12, -8, +12, -8, .... The last two numbers in this series are 10 and 22. 22 is bigger than 10 by 12, so the next number in the series should be smaller than 22 by 8. 22 − 8 = 14. Alternatively, we can look at the pattern as the combination of two separate patterns that alternate. One pattern (the odd terms) is a series of numbers that increase by 4, and the other pattern (the even terms) is another series that increases by 4. The pattern is: 2 14 6 18 10 22. We are missing the seventh number which is an odd term; therefore it should be bigger than the last odd term (the fifth number) by 4. The fifth number is 10, so: 10 + 4 = 14. Therefore, 14 is the correct answer.

[3] Choice 5
The correct answer is 5. At first glance, we see that all three figures in this question are shapes that point upwards and towards the right. However, there is more than one answer choice that points upwards and towards the right. So, which answer is correct? Let’s look again at the shapes in the top row. What else do they have in common? When we look closely, we see that all 3 shapes are comprised of straight lines. The only answer choice which follows this rule is the 5th choice. Therefore, the 5th choice is the correct answer.

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