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CogAT Test 6th Grade - Samples, Advice, and More

Is your child is getting ready to take the CogAT Level 12 (6th grade)? With TestPrep-Online’s full-length practice tests, free sample questions, advice, and other information about the CogAT test, your child will be prepared to succeed on the CogAT 6th grade.

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Which CogAT Level is Administered to 6th Graders?

The CogAT Level 12, like all CogAT Form 7 levels, corresponds with the students’ ages and is designed for 12-year-old students in the 6th grade. Therefore, the CogAT Level 12 is generally administered to all 6th graders.

The CogAT 6th grade is used to evaluate verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative abilities often for the purposes of determining admissions to programs for gifted students. It is particularly useful for assessing academic strengths and weaknesses among students. For students who are not native English speakers, the CogAT 6th grade is beneficial, as the main focus of the test is not verbal abilities.

Due to the advanced level of students in the 6th grade, the CogAT Level 12 is made up of fewer pictures than the lower levels. The Nonverbal Battery in this level contains images and is similarly formatted to the Nonverbal Batteries of the lower levels, while the Verbal and Quantitative Batteries do not contain images. By the time a student reaches the 6th grade, his/her intellectual interests begin to expand and s/he begins to think in a more abstract manner. Additionally, this is a time when students start to develop research and application skills. These developments enable 6th grade students to solve more advanced questions. Given the difficulty of the CogAT Level 12, it is important to ensure that your child is prepared.

Test Format and Content

The three batteries of the CogAT 6th grade (the Verbal Battery, the Quantitative Battery, and the Nonverbal Battery) form a test consisting of 176 total CogAT questions. Depending on the needs of the school and/or administering instructor, the three batteries may be administered separately or together. Each battery is further broken into three subtests. See the complete breakdown of the test in the table below:

CogAT Form 7 Batteries

Battery Subtests
Verbal Picture/Verbal Analogies*
Sentence Completion
Picture/Verbal Classification*
QuantitativeNumber Analogies
Number Series
Number Puzzles
NonverbalFigure Matrices
Figure Classification
Paper Folding

*Primary levels (5/6-8) contain Picture Analogies and Picture Classification. Higher levels contain Verbal Analogies and Verbal Classification.

How to Prepare for the CogAT

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