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Free CogAT Level 9 (3rd Grade) Sample Test

Will your 3rd grader be taking the CogAT? Help your child prepare for the test by taking a free, ten question CogAT Level 9 practice test. This test can be taken online or downloaded as a PDF and includes all CogAT Form 7 question types. Good luck!

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Sample Test Preview

[1] Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

[2] Every pair of numbers in this row follows the same rule. What rule do the first two pairs follow? Choose the answer that will make the third pair follow the same rule as the first two pairs.

[3] Look at the grid on the left. The pictures in the boxes on the top belong together in a certain way. Choose the picture that belongs with the bottom picture, in the same way, the pictures on top belong together.


[1] Choice 4 – The correct answer is damp, which means slightly wet. Andrew put the shirt back in the clothes dryer because it was still damp.

[2] Choice 5 – The correct answer is 22. Look for the pattern in the first series of numbers. The difference between 2 and 4 is +2. The difference between 17 and 19 is also +2. The next series of numbers should follow the same pattern, meaning that the difference between 20 and ‘?’ should be +2 as well: 20 + 2 = 22, meaning that the correct answer will be 22.

[3] Choice 2
In the above analogy, the figure on the right is the inverse of the figure on the left. The colors/shading of the outer shape switch with the color/shading of the inner shape. Thus, the answer must be a white triangle with a black arrow inside.

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