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Do you have a child preparing to take the Iowa Assessments? Get everything you need to know about these tests and how you can help your child practice with TestPrep-Online.
ITBS/Iowa Assessment Practice

Prepare for the Iowa Assessments and ITBS Test! 


What are the Iowa Assessments?

The Iowa Assessments, also known as the Iowa Basic Skills Test or the ITBS, are a series of standardized tests for students from 3rd to 8th grade that measure their academic achievements. The tests are used by schools and educators to determine the academic growth and critical thinking skills of school-age children.

For many young students, the Iowa Assessments are their first interaction with standardized testing. Practicing for the tests beforehand can help your child get to know the layout of the questions and how to choose answers for multiple choice questions. TestPrep-Online provides Iowa Assessment practice tests to ensure your child is fully prepared.

Test Levels of the Iowa Assessments  

Since the tests are administered to a number of different age groups, they come in 10 levels. The levels range from 5-14, roughly matching the ages and grade levels of the test takers. In addition, there are three groupings of test levels: 5-6, 7-8, and 9-14. Each level consists of a certain number of subtests, and the tests can either be taken with all of the included subtests or with only a portion of them.

Age GradeTest Level
5 K.1-1.55

**Decimals in the “Grade” column indicate the month of the school year. For example, K.1–1.5 means the first month of kindergarten through the fifth month of 1st grade.

Iowa Assessments Subtests

The different subtests that make up the Iowa Assessments are used to measure different skills. The types of subtests that are included is determined by the groupings mentioned above. The major areas the Assessments cover are language, math, critical thinking, science, and social studies.

Iowa Test Practice

The best way to ensure your child performs well on the Iowa Assessments is to provide the right practice materials and give them time to prepare. TestPrep-Online is developing a range of resources to supply students with the most comprehensive practice. You can begin the preparation with our 3rd grade math pack, which can be purchased here.

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