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3rd Grade Math Iowa Assessments (ITBS)

Prepare for the Level 9 Mathematics subtest in the upcoming 2018 Iowa Assessments and ITBS for 3rd Grade. Access two full-length computation and math practice tests, complete with thoroughly explained answers and helpful solving tips for each question type. Start practicing now.

The pack includes:
  • 437 total questions, comprised of: 
    • Two full-length computation and math tests (150 questions)
    • 287 additional math practice questions
  • Answers and thorough explanations
  • Helpful, child-friendly solving tips, per question type
  • Score reports to track your child's progress
  • Quick and friendly customer support
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3rd Grade ITBS & Iowa Assessments
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3rd Grade Iowa Assessments and ITBS Assessments

The Iowa Assessments for 3rd Grade is a Level 9 administered test. Though this is still one of the earlier levels of the test, much of the test's content and format is similar to Levels 10–14 (grades 4–8). The Iowa Assessments Level 9 is a standardized test that has been used on thousands of third graders in the past to track student progress. 

The Iowa Assessments Level 9 Mathematics subtest is made up of a Math section and a Computation section. Each section is administered as its own timed subtest spanning approximately 30 minutes. Each section follows certain standards of domains set forth by the Iowa's Core Curriculum. These standards are aimed at tracking student progress throughout students' grade school years. Students generally take the test using paper and pen, and they are also permitted to use scrap paper. 

ITBS Tests and Iowa Assessments: Level 9 Math

The Iowa Assessments Math Level 9 test includes question types that utilize both stimulus and discrete items, as well as question types that encompass items from all domains. The Math subtest is made up of 50 questions ranging across the following areas: 

  • Number sense and operations
  • Algebraic patterns and connections
  • Data analysis, probability, and statistics
  • Geometry
  • Measurement

As with all the Iowa Assessments subtests, the Math subtest measures three levels of thinking: essential competencies, conceptual understanding, and extended reasoning. Most of the questions on the Math subtest for Level 9 assess conceptual understanding. The other two cognitive levels are measured in the remaining questions. Students are permitted the use of a calculator on the test.

ITBS Tests and Iowa Assessments: Level 9 Computation

As opposed to the Math subtest, the Computation subtest does not define questions by cognitive levels. The Computation subtest for Level 9 assesses students across the following question types: 

  • Computation with whole numbers
  • Computation with fractions
  • Computation with decimals

The Computation subtest for Level 9 is comprised of 25 questions. Unlike on the Math subtest, students are not permitted the use of a calculator. 

Prepare for the 2018 ITBS and Iowa Assessments

You can now choose between three practice packs, each designed to meet the different needs of test takers. The 3rd Grade Iowa Assessments (ITBS) Math Pack offers comprehensive preparation for the Mathematics subtest of the ITBS and Iowa Assessments. If your child requires preparation for all the 3rd Grade (Level 9) materials, then the complete 3rd Grade Iowa Assessments (ITBS) Pack offers excellent practice. Please note, this pack currently does not include preparation for the social studies or the science subtests. For gifted programs’ admissions testing, try our ITBS and CogAT Bundle.

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