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About JHU CTY Gifted and Talented Online Program

Johns Hopkins' well known Center for Talented Youth now offers online courses for gifted students. The program allows students to benefit from the advanced learning opportunities offered by CTY without having to travel or miss their local school classes. The program provides students in grades K-12 with academically advanced and challenging courses all year long.

Courses use multimedia, virtual classrooms, and texts, as well as guidance and evaluation by CTY staff. Students gain access to over 170 courses, which can be accessed remotely from any location. The course offering includes Chinese, computer science, writing, AP math, and more, and have in various pacing formats according to students' individual choice. Financial aid is also offered, and many courses are accredited.  

JHU CTY Online Program Eligibility

Eligibility for JHU CTY Online is based on the student's performance on one of several tests, depending on the student's grade in school.

For students in grades 2-8, testing is normally arranged by CTY’s Talent Search. To apply to talent search, you must submit an online or paper application. The CTY will then send you information regarding testing. Students in grades 2-8 are usually invited to take the SCAT. After testing is completed, you will receive information regarding your child's scores and eligibility for the program. 

Students who achieve highly in the mathematical reasoning part of the SCAT are eligible for courses in science, computer science, math and engineering. Those who achieve well on the verbal portion of the test are eligible for writing, grammar, critical reading or social science courses. Students with qualifying math or verbal scores may enroll in forensics, web design, JavaScript, chess, music, or any world language course if the other prerequisites are met.

Talented students who are unable to test may apply to the Online Program through provisional admission, although to continue in the Online Program or attend a summer residential program they will need to obtain testing materials and achieve qualifying scores. 

SCAT Scores 

To Qualify for admission to the CTY's online program students need to achieve the following SCAT scores: 

For Math and Science Courses:

Grade at Test Day SCAT Quantitative Score
2 > 435
3 > 440
4 > 450
5 > 465
6 > 470

For Writing and Humanities Courses:

Grade at Test Day SCAT Verbal Score
2 > 430
3 > 435
4 > 440
5 > 445
6 > 450

Preparing for the SCAT

To qualify for the CTY Online Program, students in grades 2-8 must achieve qualifying SCAT scores in the relevant test portion. To help your child do well on the test, it is important to ensure they are prepared for test day. To learn more about the SCAT and gain access to hundreds of test questions, check out TestPrep-Online's SCAT page.  

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