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Miller Analogies (MAT) Test Questions

How can you succeed on the Miller Analogies (MAT) Test? At TestPrep-Online, we provide a detailed test break-down explaining the different sorts of questions, analogies, and relationships you will find on your exam, as well as MAT practice tests and sample questions to give you the skills and experience you need for success.

Miller Analogies (MAT) Practice Tests

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The MAT Test Questions

The Miller Analogies (MAT) test is computer-administered at over 500 testing centers, consisting of 120 partial analogies to be answered in one hour. Miller analogy test items are generally words, but in some cases may be numbers, symbols, or word parts. The analogies are formatted as such-

A : B :: C : D

Meaning that A is to B as C is to D, or A is to C as B is to D

On the actual MAT assessment, there are three given terms with one term missing, requiring you to determine the relationship between the possible pairs and decide which of the four answer choices correctly completes the analogy, for example:

Kilobyte : Megabyte :: Yard : ___?

A. Mile B. Inch C. Gallon D. Foot

The correct answer is A. Both Kilobyte and Megabyte are measurement units for digital information, but Kilobyte is a much smaller unit. Yard is a measurement unit for distance. Looking at the answer choices – Mile, Inch and Foot are all measurement units for distance, but only a yard is smaller than a mile. Therefore A (Mile) is the correct answer.

There is no penalty for wrong answers, so it is at your advantage to eliminate unlikely answers and make an educated guess. The MAT questions cover a wide range of topics, requiring test takers and graduate candidates to have firm and thorough knowledge in:

  • General: analogies pertaining to culture, work, business, and life experiences

  • Language and Vocabulary: analogies pertaining to different aspects of English grammar and usage

  • Humanities: analogies pertaining to subject matter from literature, philosophy, religion, and the fine arts

  • Social Sciences: analogies pertaining to subject matter from history, geography, political science, economics, anthropology, and psychology

  • Natural Sciences: analogies pertaining to biological and physical sciences

  • Mathematics: analogies pertaining to number theories, arithmetic, algebra and geometry

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MAT Analogical Relationships

Beside for the content and the subject matter Miller analogies address, there are four categories of analogical relationships found within the MAT assessment question items:

Semantic: 4 subcategories of relationships through the definition and linguistic connection of words:

SynonymA is similar or the same as BPrepare : Ready
AntonymA is the opposite of BPrepare : Delay
IntensityA shows a greater intensity than BSucceed : Pass
MeaningA explains the meaning of BNegate : Dis-

Classification: 3 subcategories of relationships through hierarchies of terms: 

CategoryA is a type or example of BShrimp: Seafood
MembershipA is part of the same category as BGrouse: Pheasant
Whole/PartA is part of BVentricle : Heart

Association: 3 subcategories of the most prevalent Miller analogies:   

CharacteristicA is a characteristic/lacking of BNapoleon : Height
OrderA is in a sequence with BWWII : Korean War
Agent/ObjectA causes, creates or uses BMarx : Communism

Logical/Mathematical: 2 subcategories of relationships dealing with equations, fractions, or letter and sound patterns:

MathematicsA is mathematically related to B5 : 125
PatternsA is associated in a pattern with BSighs : Size

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Practice Analogies for the MAT

The overview above regarding the format and contents of the MAT exam may be helpful, but to complete all the items in the exam you will need to take no more than 30 seconds to answer a question. The only way to gain a comprehensive understanding and command of the MAT questions is through practice. We will soon be offering a MAT test prep-pack, complete with Miller Analogies practice tests, answers and detailed explanations, and score reports to help you better understand and improve your results. Learn more about the MAT test and its testing process.

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