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NNAT – Pattern Completion Questions Explained

Pattern Completion questions are included in the lower levels of the NNAT. Read helpful strategies and tips to help your child successfully solve Pattern Completion questions on test day.
NNAT Pattern Completion Sample Questions

For these questions, students must identify missing portions of a design, as shown in the sample pictures to the right. 


In NNAT Pattern Completion items, students are shown a design and asked to identify which portion is missing. In order to reach the answer, the child must conceptually extend the given pattern. Pattern Completion items appear in NNAT levels which are intended for elementary school aged children (such as Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades because they are among the simpler types of NNAT questions.

NNAT Pattern Completion Sample Question

Look at the design in the large rectangle while paying attention to the missing square. Which answer choice completes the pattern?

NNAT Pattern Completion Example

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is C.

Imagine extending the diagonal lines across the empty square. The diagonal lines extend from the top-right corner to the bottom-left corner of the square. We can eliminate answer choices A and D.

The color between the two diagonal lines will be yellow and the color above the diagonal line will be blue. We can eliminate answer choice B. The color below the diagonal line will be white. We can eliminate answer choice E. We are left with answer choice C as the correct answer.

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How to Solve NNAT Pattern Completion Questions

  • Ensure that your child understands what is being asked in the question. Children should understand that they need to find which answer choice fits in the empty square and completes the pattern.
  • Encourage your child to imagine continuing the lines of the design across the empty square. It is helpful to focus on the corners of the empty square as anchor points and determine what color(s) the corner(s) will be.
  • Pattern Completion items require students to pay careful attention to both the general orientation of the design (the direction of the pattern) as well as the specifics that may be involved (e.g. where the diagonal line intersects the empty space).
  • It is helpful to relate Pattern Completion items to finding the missing piece of a puzzle. Work on puzzles at home to help hone this skill.
  • Practice eliminating incorrect answer choices.

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NNAT Video Academy

Pattern Completion questions can be difficult to solve for young children. These questions, along with the other NNAT question types, are all covered in detail in the NNAT Video Academy. This video series is designed to teach young children how to approach and solve each question type on the NNAT. The Video Academy is included in every NNAT Premium Pack.

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