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NNAT – Spatial Visualization Questions Explained

Try a sample NNAT Spatial Visualization question with your child, while reading useful tips and strategies.
Spatial Visualization Sample Questions

Students must be able to mentally manipulate shapes to answer these questions. View the pictures to the right for examples.


Spatial Visualization questions require students to mentally manipulate shapes. These items are among the most difficult in the NNAT, especially in questions which involve shapes that intersect in ways which are difficult to recognize or involve rotation.

Spatial Visualization questions are commonly seen on aptitude tests, pre-employment tests, and admission tests to certain academic institutions. NNAT Levels C-G include Spatial Visualization items.

NNAT Spatial Visualization Sample Question

In the design below, determine how the figures relate to each other and apply this relationship to the row with the empty frame. Visualize how the objects might look when rotated, transformed, or combined.

NNAT Pattern Completion Sample Question

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is A.

Look at the top row. The left frame contains a blue square in the top-right corner of the frame. The middle frame contains a yellow square in the top-left corner of the frame. The frame on the right combines both of the figures, as it contains both a blue square in the top-right corner and a yellow square in the top-left corner.

The figures in the bottom row will exhibit the same relationship. The left frame contains two blue rectangles attached to the left and right sides of the top and bottom of the frame, respectively. The frame on the right contains two yellow rectangles attached to the top and bottom of the right and left sides of the frame, respectively. The empty square will include a combination of the figures in the left and middle frames. Answer choice A adheres to the above requirements and is the correct answer.

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How to Solve NNAT Spatial Visualization Questions

  • Encourage your child to gesture when s/he encounters difficult Spatial Visualization questions. Studies show that people are more successful at visualizing spatial manipulations when they can use their hands.
  • Familiarize your child with common manipulations seen in NNAT Spatial Visualization questions:
  1. Inward/outward flip
  2. Shift in position
  3. Alternating colors
  4. Combination of shapes (as seen in the example above)
  • In questions which contain intricate designs and shapes, it is helpful to focus on one specific part of the design and pay attention to how it is manipulated throughout the question.
  • Encourage your child to make it a habit to eliminate incorrect answer choices.
  • Research has demonstrated that training is an effective way to improve Spatial Visualization skills. Begin practicing hundreds of Spatial Visualization questions in our practice kits.

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