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2018 NYC G&T Test Pre-K-K (Level A)

Learn all about the NYC Gifted & Talented Test Level A for kindergarten and 1st grade entry. Find information regarding the content and format of the test, and learn about our comprehensive study packs. NEW! TestPrep-Online now offers audio instructions for the following questions types: Following Directions, Aural Reasoning, Arithmetic Reasoning.
NYC G&T Practice Tests for Pre-K and Kindergarten

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About the NYC G&T Test Level A

The NYC Department of Education caters to the needs of gifted students through gifted and talented programs and schools. The G&T programs in NYC are rigorous, accelerated, specialized, and are aligned with Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS). Children who are New York City residents in pre-kindergarten (pre-K) through 2nd grade are eligible to participate in G&T Admissions. Most of the city’s 32 districts offer gifted programs. 

In order to be admitted into an NYC G&T program, children in pre-k and kindergarten must take the NYC Gifted and Talented Assessment Level A. Pre-K students take the test for kindergarten entry, and kindergartners take this test for 1st grade entry. This multiple-choice assessment is composed of questions taken from two different tests: verbal questions from the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT), and nonverbal questions from the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT). These tests are administered by certified teachers who are trained to administer both the OLSAT and NNAT.

Admission to an NYC gifted and talented program is competitive. In order to earn a spot in one of these coveted programs, students must excel on the NYC G&T Assessment. Some citywide programs require students to score at or above the 97th percentile. In recent years, due to increased competition, most citywide programs have only admitted children who score in the 99th percentile. Last year, the NYC citywide gifted programs offered a mere 300 spots for entering kindergarteners, despite nearly 4,000 children testing high enough to qualify for a spot. Over 2,500 of those 4,000 children scored in the 99th percentile. Competition for these spots is increasing by the year, making preparing your children for the test a necessity. Learn more about how the NYC G&T Test is scored.

NYC Gifted and Talented Test Prep

It order to succeed on the exam, it is important that your child is familiar with the NYC Gifted and Talented Test. TestPrep-Online invites you to learn more about our age-specific, online, practice packs for the NYC Gifted and Talented Test. Each study pack includes realistic, full-length, practice tests, five NNAT video tutorials, hundreds of practice questions, and study guides. Our practice tests are formatted specifically to resemble the real NYC Gifted and Talented Test, in both content and length, and provide children with realistic test prep material to prepare them for test day.

NYC G&T Test Format

The NYC Gifted and Talented Test is made up entirely of multiple choice questions. The test uses verbal questions from the OLSAT-8, and nonverbal questions from the NNAT2. The verbal component consists of 30 OLSAT questions, and the nonverbal component consists of 48 NNAT questions. Children have approximately one hour to complete the exam.

Despite there being more nonverbal than verbal questions, the NYC Gifted and Talented Test score weighs the verbal and nonverbal sections of the test equally, so that each test accounts for exactly half a child's score. The two scores are combined into one composite score, which is then compared against other children in the same age group to reach a percentile rank. This percentile rank is usually what is used to determine eligibility for NYC Gifted and Talented programs. For more information on how the test is scored, click here.

Each question on the verbal section of the test will be read aloud once during the test. Since it is only read aloud one time, it is important that your child be familiar with the test questions.

While preparing for the NYC G&T Level A, the instructions of the verbal questions should be read aloud (once) to the child, as is done on the actual test. For your convenience, TestPrep-Online currently provides audio instructions for the following question types: Following Directions, Aural Reasoning, Arithmetic Reasoning.

See the table below for the specific verbal and nonverbal question types included on the NYC Gifted and Talented Test Level A.

NYC G&T Level A Question Types

Verbal (OLSAT)

Nonverbal (NNAT)

Following Directions

Pattern Completion

Aural Reasoning

Reasoning by Analogy

Arithmetic Reasoning

Read more about the different question types on the NYC Gifted and Talented Test.

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