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Free NYC G&T Practice Tests and Sample Questions

An Inside Look at the NYC G&T Test

Take these free, 10 question sample mini-tests and get a glimpse of the NYC Gifted and Talented Test and our study packages. Each sample test is age-specific and is accompanied by answers and thorough explanations.

NYC G&T Sample Test (PreK-Kindergarten)
10 Level A (Pre-K-Kindergarten) NYC G&T Sample Questions
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NYC G&T Sample Test (1st Grade)
10 Level B (1st Grade) NYC G&T Sample Questions
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NYC G&T Sample Test (2nd Grade)
10 Level C (2nd Grade) NYC G&T Sample Questions
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Prepare for the NYC Gifted and Talented Test with TestPrep-Online's NYC G&T study packages. Each pack includes full-length, realistic practice tests, informative study guides, and hundreds of additional sample questions.

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"Overall, I liked the structure of the questions and the option to use the tests in timed or step-by-step mode. The drills were helpful and allowed me to assess my daughter's strengths and weaknesses. This product allowed my daughter to go into the test knowing what to expect. It was also great that I just needed to pay one time for a ten-month license!"  
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