About the OLSAT Level E

The OLSAT Level E is administered to students in 4th and 5th grades. Many schools require children to take the OLSAT Level E in order to apply for specialized middle schools or gifted and talented programs.

In the 4th and 5th grades, children begin to transition into young adults and school curricula begin to reflect this maturity. Children acquire a medley of skill sets in preparation for middle school. In school projects and assignments, students learn to organize information, develop deep analytical skills, and solve sophisticated math problems. The OLSAT Level E measures these skills that 4th and 5th graders are expected to acquire. There are questions on the OLSAT Level E which ask students to find the logical relationship among words in a sentence or to find the missing word necessary to complete a sentence. Quantitative reasoning questions assess the ability to use numbers in order to infer relationships, deduce computational rules, and predict outcomes according to computational rules. For more about what appears on the OLSAT, read about all of the OLSAT question types.

How to Prepare for the OLSAT

With the help of TestPrep-Online, your child will become familiar with the OLSAT Level E P, allowing him/her to perform better on the exam.

OLSAT Test Format

The OLSAT Level E is very challenging. Students needs to be able to answer 72 question (36 verbal, 36 nonverbal) in sixty minutes! Is your child ready for the challenge?

OLSAT Level E Content

Test Level
Grade 4-5
Verbal Comprehension  
Following Directions  
Antonyms ✔️
Sentence Completion ✔️
Sentence Arrangement ✔️
Verbal Reasoning  
Aural Reasoning  
Arithmetic Reasoning ✔️
Logical Selection ✔️
Word/Letter Matrix ✔️
Verbal Analogies ✔️
Verbal Classification ✔️
Inference ✔️
Pictorial Reasoning  
Picture Classification  
Picture Analogies  
Picture Series  
Figural Reasoning  
Figural Classification  
Figural Analogies ✔️
Pattern Matrix ✔️
Figural Series ✔️
Quantitative Reasoning  
Number Series ✔️
Numeric Inference ✔️
Number Matrix ✔️

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