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OLSAT Level G Test Prep - Advice, Sample, and More

Is your 6th-8th grader going to be taking the OLSAT Level G? If so, it is important that s/he come prepared to the test. Soon, TestPrep-Online will provide your 6th-8th grader with an OLSAT Level G practice pack, including full-length practice tests, sample questions, and more.
COMING SOON - OLSAT Practice Tests - Level G

Full length tests and additional practice drills.


About the OLSAT Level G

High schools students in 9th-12th grades take the OLSAT Level G test when applying for entry into schools for gifted students and advanced courses. The Level G test is the most difficult and advanced test in the OLSAT-8 test series. Many students describe the OLSAT Level G test as being a “tricky test” with questions they have never seen before in their academic careers. Schools typically use the OLSAT Level G to measure areas of strength and weakness in students. Learn more about the different question types that appear on the OLSAT.

How to Prepare for the OLSAT

The OLSAT test is a challenging one. It is important that your child be prepared. Soon, TestPrep-Online will offer a comprehensive OLSAT Level G practice pack. This practice pack will help your child to perform his/her best on the actual test.

OLSAT Test Format

The OLSAT Level G contains 72 questions (36 verbal, 36 nonverbal) and students have 60 minutes to complete the test.

OLSAT Level G Content

Test Level
Grade 9-12
Level G
Verbal Comprehension
Following Directions
Sentence Completion
Sentence Arrangement
Verbal Reasoning
Aural Reasoning
Arithmetic Reasoning
Logical Selection
Word/Letter Matrix
Verbal Analogies
Verbal Classification
Pictorial Reasoning
Picture Classification
Picture Analogies
Picture Series
Figural Reasoning
Figural Classification
Figural Analogies
Pattern Matrix
Figural Series
Quantitative Reasoning
Number Series
Numeric Inference
Number Matrix

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