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OLSAT Verbal Comprehension

Learn about Verbal Comprehension questions on the OLSAT. Question types in this category include Following Directions, Antonyms, Sentence Completion, and Sentence Arrangement. 
OLSAT Verbal Comprehension Sample Questions

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Within the Verbal section of the OLSAT is a subsection called Verbal Comprehension. This section assesses abilities relating to understanding and manipulating words in different contexts. Specifically, it tests the ability to:

  • Understand relationships between words
  • Understand and derive meaning from words
  • Understand subtle differences between words that are similar
  • Control and work with words to produce logical, meaningful sentences

There are four different types of questions within the Verbal Comprehension category. Following Directions test items are considered easier, and therefore only appear in lower OLSAT levels (A-C).

Verbal Comprehension Question Types

Type LevelDescription
Following DirectionsA-C

These questions test a child’s ability to listen and understand verbal directions read aloud by the proctor, and match a description to a picture. This will also assess the ability to understand relational terms such as “next to,” “below” and “between.”


These questions assess a child’s vocabulary, testing the ability to understand and identify words with opposite meanings. Identifying antonyms is similar to identifying synonyms, though understanding antonyms are considered to be more difficult.

Sentence CompletionD-G

These questions assess the ability to complete a sentence in a way that makes sense. Sentence Completion questions test the understanding of logical relationships between words to accurately select the missing words or phrases that make the sentence meaningful.

Sentence ArrangementD-G

Similar to Sentence Completion questions, these items test the ability to understand relationships between words to derive meaning from a sentence. Sentence Arrangement questions assess the ability to arrange a collection of words into a sentence.

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Verbal Comprehension Sample Question

The following question is a Following Directions test item from the Verbal Comprehension section.

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is D.

First, look for a picture of a joey peeking out of its mother's pouch. We can eliminate answer choices B and C, as the joeys in these frames are standing besides their mothers.

We are left with answer choices A and D. Notice that though answer choice A does contain a picture of a koala hanging from a tree, it does not contain a chirping bird. We can eliminate answer choice A . We are left with answer choice D as the correct answer.

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OLSAT Question Types

See table below for a breakdown of the OLSAT question types and subsections:



Verbal Comprehension

Pictorial Reasoning

Following Directions

Picture Classification


Picture Analogies

Sentence Completion

Picture Series

Sentence Arrangement

Figural Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Figural Classification

Aural Reasoning

Figural Analogies

Arithmetic Reasoning

Pattern Matrix

Logical Selection

Figural Series

Word/Letter Matrix

Quantitative Reasoning

Verbal Analogies

Number Series

Verbal Classification

Numeric Inference


Number Matrix

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