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Secure your spot in the program of your choice with TestPrep-Online's most comprehensive preparation package. Transcend your limits with our comprehensive package of unique practice tests, study guides, instructional videos, and score reports, customized for your specific needs by our educational professionals.

Our educational experts will analyze your specific needs and deliver all of our customized practice materials to your account within 24 hours. This all-in-one solution ensures that your preparation experience is targeted and on-track.

The pack includes:

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  • Access to Over 2,000 Practice Q&A 
  • Gifted & Talented, Admissions, & Placement Tests
  • Customized Practice Packs, According to your Needs
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Practice 24/7
  • On-Demand Updates to your Account Within Hours
  • Exclusive to TestPrep-Online - Seen Nowhere Else!
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How it Works

Premium Request in your Account Once you sign up for Premium you will have access to all of our education placement, entrance, and graduate admissions practice materials.

Upon logging into your account you will find a smart-form. Input any relevant information regarding the exams you would like to practice for and our experienced educational professionals will analyze your specific needs and deliver customized practice materials to you within 24 hours.

Take practice tests, track your scores, and when you are ready reach out and our customer support team will add any other practice tests you want!

As a Premium Member our customer support specialists are devoted to making your premium experience as useful and helpful as possible. Always available by email, our support team is here to help you with anything from technical issues to explaining questions and answers.

About the Premium Membership

A Premium Membership with TestPrep-Online is the best way to prepare you or your child for a range of education placement and admissions exams. Go Premium and access over 2000 questions, detailed answer explanations, practice tests, study guides, and score reports. All available in an intuitive and mobile friendly interface.

Benefits of Going Premium

 Access our extensive library of over 2000 questions.
 All: Gifted & Talented, School Entrance, Graduate Admissions, & Placement Tests.
 Take practice tests as many times as you need for 12 months.
 Devoted customer support to optimize your premium practice experience.
 Save money by accessing our entire library of practice materials. 

What you Get

When you sign up for TestPrep-Online's premium Membership you gain access to an exclusive bank of practice materials seen nowhere else on the web. Read more below and find out what our Premium Package can offer you.

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All Gifted Tests

Want to enter your child into their schools gifted program? Prepare for a range of elementary through middle school gifted program placement tests and give your child the practice they need. Our Premium Membership allows you to practice online for any of the listed gifted children's entrance exams.

School Entrance Exams

Get your child prepared for their private or secondary school entrance exam with TestPrep-Online. The Premium package allows you to prepare online for both the ISEE and the SSAT tests. Start preparing today with the leaders in online test preparation!

Graduate Admissions Tests

Graduate schools often require prospective students to take a graduate entrance exam in order to gain admission to their academic programs. These tests help graduate schools determine which candidates are most suitable for their respective academic programs. Sign up now and get exclusive access!

Placement Tests

Nearly all institutions of higher education require some sort of placement test. The goal of these placement tests is to properly place students, regardless of status (new student, returning student, etc.), in the appropriate level class. Such college placement tests will help determine the most appropriate level classes for each student. Don't waste another minute, start practicing today!

Sign up now and get access to all of the above practice tests, study guides, and score reports!

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The TestPrep-Online Advantage

As industry leaders in the online test preparation industry for over 14 years we have developed proven methods to help prepare you for your exams. Becoming a premium member is perfect way to successfully prepare for your exam, save money, and achieve your academic goals. Start preparing for a range of exams online with TestPrep-Online's Premium Membership today!

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