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Safe Payment on TestPrep-Online - How Do We Make Your Visit Safe?

To ensure you have a safe and secured visit to our website, we make use of an SSL Certificate and work with the most trusted Online Payment Providers.

What is SSL and Where Can I See It?

SSL is a universal standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between websites and users. It ensures that all data passed between the website and your browser remains private and integral, thus making it impossible for third parties to read. You can verify that our website uses SSL in two ways:

1 - By clicking on the green lock sign in your browser's address bar:

Your connection to this site is private.

This page is secure (Valid HTTPS).

2 - During the purchase process, the following security seal will appear on the top right corner:

Godaddy Seal

Which Trusted Online Payment Options Are Offered?

Once you choose the product you wish to purchase, you will move on to our secured checkout process. You can choose from two methods of payment:
  1. PayPal: You can use your PayPal account or pay via credit card on their platform.
  2. Credit Card: We accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not store your card information. Our online payment gateway ensures that your details are kept safe. On top of our own SSL security layer, we also deploy Norton and McAfee security layers to prevent access to any private details.

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