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The Smarter Balanced (SBAC) test might seem complicated or confusing at first, especially when you consider the computer interface and what's at stake. But don't stress out just yet. TestPrep-Online is developing a comprehensive, all-inclusive SBAC practice pack that will help your student master the skills necessary to ace the test.
SBAC Test Practice

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What Is the SBAC

The Smarter Balanced assessment, also known as SBAC, is a Common Core-aligned assessment designed to measure the progress of students in twenty-one states. Students in grades 3–8, as well as 11th grade, take the SBAC Summative Assessment during the spring. Students who score well on the SBAC test in grades 3–8 may be eligible for accelerated programs, and all students must pass the test in eleventh grade with an achievement level of 3 or higher to graduate.

The SBAC test assesses students' mastery of English Language Arts and Math using two methods: a performance task (PT) and a computer adaptive test (CAT). The CAT administers the same number of questions to all students. However, the difficulty levels of those questions depends on the students' responses. The test also utilizes automated essay scoring.

The test is NOT timed.

SBAC Format

The Smarter Balanced test contains two sections:

  • Performance Task (PT) – The Performance Task section includes a mathematical assignment and an English assignment.
  • The ELA section asks students to write an essay that may be argumentative, explanatory, informational, narrative, or opinion-based. This section usually takes about two hours to complete.
  • The Math section requires students to solve a multi-step, complex, real-world problem. This section usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half to complete, depending on the grade level.

  • Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) – This section utilizes various question formats, such as multiple choice, highlight, checkboxes, true/false, and short text. All of these question types may be presented in single correct answer or multiple correct answers versions.
  • Some formats appear only in the Math section: drag and drop, hot spot, table fill in, graphing, and equation/numeric. This section usually takes between an hour and a half and two hours to complete, depending on the grade level.
  • Similarly, some formats are unique to the ELA section: multiple choice with evidence responses, hot text, and listening tasks. This section usually takes between an hour and a half and two hours to complete, depending on the grade level.

SBAC Scores

SBAC Scores are reported in two forms:

  • Scale Scores – This is the overall raw score earned by a student. The score, which tends to fall between 2000 and 200, reveals the student's growth and improvement using a continuous scale that increases across grade levels. This allows parents and teachers to follow the student's learning progress.

  • Achievement Levels – The Scale Score is divided into clusters called achievement levels. These achievement levels rank the student's performance on the test, as can be seen in the table below:


Grade Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
3 Less than 2381 2381 - 2435 2436 - 2500 More than 2500
4 Less than 2411 2411 - 2484 2485 - 2548 More than 2548
5 Less than 2455 2455 - 2527 2528 - 2578 More than 2578
6 Less than 2473 2473 - 2551 2552 - 2609 More than 2609
7 Less than 2484 2484 - 2566 2567 - 2634 More than 2634
8 Less than 2504 2504 - 2585 2586 - 2652 More than 2652
11 Less than 2543 2543 - 2627 2628 - 2717 More than 2717

English Language Arts

Grade Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
3 Less than 2367 2367 - 2431 2432 - 2489 More than 2489
4 Less than 2416 2416 - 2472 2473 - 2532 More than 2532
5 Less than 2442 2442 - 2501 2502 - 2581 More than 2581
6 Less than 2457 2457 - 2530 2531 - 2617 More than 2617
7 Less than 2479 2479 - 2551 2552 - 2648 More than 2648
8 Less than 2487 2487 - 2566 2567 - 2667 More than 2667
11 Less than 2493 2493 - 2582 2583 - 2681 More than 2681

The levels (1-4) are referred to as novice, developing, proficient, and advanced, respectively. Students whose scores are classified as level 3 or 4 are considered to have demonstrated the skills necessary for college and the workplace.

SBAC Practice - Online!

COMING SOON: The Smarter Balanced test measures skills that are not only important for your students' academic progress, but also for their future. That is why it is essential to both practice for and pass the testas well as to master the concepts assessed. TestPrep-Online is developing online SBAC preparation packs that include Smarter Balanced practice tests, study guides, and detailed explanations to help your student learn and practice with ease. Acquire the materials that will ensure your student's success now.

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