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SSAT Test Questions Explained

If your child is one of the many students getting ready for the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT), you may want to know what to expect. Helping your child become familiar with the SSAT test questions can improve both confidence and scores.
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About the SSAT

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is used by many independent schools all over the world for admission purposes. By assessing verbal, reading, writing and mathematical skills, the SSAT is able to supply valuable information to independent schools. Proper preparation can significantly increase your child’s overall score, and the number of independent schools he or she can apply for.

SSAT Questions by Test Sections

  1. The SSAT Quantitative test section consists of questions that measure a student's ability to solve problems involving quantitative concepts.
  2. The SSAT Verbal test section is made up of synonyms and analogies and is used to assess verbal reasoning and understanding of language.
  3. The SSAT Reading Comprehension test section requires students to read passages and then answer relevant questions.
  4. The SSAT Writing test section presents students with a prompt (a picture prompt for elementary level), in response to which they must write an essay.

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SSAT Quantitative

The mathematical concepts assessed in the SSAT Quantitative section vary among the different levels. Students in grades 3 and 4 (Elementary Level) are tested on a variety of skills based on each level’s respective grade. The SSAT Middle and Upper Levels assess the student’s knowledge of algebra and geometry, as well as other mathematical processes.

SSAT Verbal

The SSAT Verbal section is divided into two parts: vocabulary (synonyms) and analogies. Students’ knowledge of the correct use of vocabulary, as well as their abilities to infer answers from texts are evaluated.

SSAT Reading Comprehension

The SSAT Reading Comprehension section assesses the ability of a student to understand what s/he has read. Each passage is followed by questions regarding the passage’s content, style, point of view, etc. The passages in the Reading Comprehension section of the SSAT utilize both narrative content as well as argumentative content.

SSAT Writing

The SSAT Writing section provides students with the opportunity to express themselves. Though this section is not graded, it is highly recommended to be accurately prepared, as it is a way to both stand out, and demonstrate writing abilities.

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SSAT Practice Test Online

Start preparing your child for the SSAT today! TestPrep-Online offers user-friendly SSAT practice tests and study guides for Upper Level, and will soon release practice packs for Middle and Elementary Levels, as well. All our practice and preparation packs are specifically designed to be both accurate to the testing material, as well as accessible to the user. Once purchased, your child can start practicing with our material from any WIFI device s/he wishes.

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