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Prepare for the ATI TEAS Math section with the TEAS V Math Pack. Use practice questions, answer explanations, and score reports to check your understanding of the material. Discover how TestPrep-Online can help you maximize your potential.

The pack includes:
  • Over 200 total questions, comprised of:
  • Two full-length TEAS V Math practice tests (66 Q&A)
  • 153 additional Math practice questions
  • Question types similar to ATI TEAS questions
  • Math study guides
  • Detailed answer explanations and score reports
  • Accessible via computer or mobile device
  • Immediate online access and unlimited practice
  • Fast-responding and friendly customer support
  • Secured payment
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About the ATI TEAS Math Section

The ATI TEAS Math section consists of 36 questions to be answered in 54 minutes. The topics covered are:
  • Number & Algebra (approximately 26 questions, 73% of the Math section)
  • Measurement & Data (approximately 10 questions, 27% of the Math section)
Use the TEAS V Math Pack to practice and prepare for the ATI TEAS exam. Many of the questions in the TEAS V Math Pack are similar to those on the ATI TEAS exam. Following changes to the TEAS exam from August 31, 2016, four-function calculators are now permitted and provided by ATI for assistance with the Math section. TestPrep-Online is working to develop an onscreen calculator for increased likeness to the ATI TEAS test. The TEAS V Math Pack offers both similar questions and a similar testing environment. However, it should be noted that the questions are designed to be calculated without the use of a calculator. Use the TEAS V Math Pack to improve your mental arithmetic and test performance, and be aware that a calculator will be provided during the real exam. Learn more about the material on the Math section of the ATI TEAS test.

TEAS Math Practice Tests

TestPrep-Online offers the TEAS V Math Pack to assist test takers who wish to focus on improving their math skills as well as their confidence on the Math section. The TEAS V Math Pack offers math questions in a timed test format, as well as additional questions. There are also math study guides, in-depth answer explanations, and score reports. If you wish to improve more than just your Math section scores, the TEAS V Premium Pack offers a comprehensive set of preparation material to cover all four subject sections of the ATI TEAS.

For a practice pack that offers only practice tests, try the TEAS V Basic Pack. All the material in the practice packs, including the questions, answers, study guides, and score reports, is available on license for specific periods of time. Once you have purchased a license, you can access the tests, practice material, and score reports as many times as you wish. TestPrep-Online places no limit on the number of times you can access the material.

TestPrep-Online helps applicants take the next step in their career and secure a place in the program of their choice. As an e-learning services organization, we are constantly developing tests to enable people to perform their best on test day. Start practicing today and prepare to ace your test!

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