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My daughter and I had a great experiencing practicing at home for her G&T exam. She enjoyed using the pack and and fun doing the practice questions. The video academy and parent guide were great and the product tour helped us to figure out how to use the pack. Parents, if you are looking for G&T at-home practice, I recommend TestPrep-Online!
Sri, OLSAT Level B Premium, Oct. 2015
Our experience with TestPrep-Online's OLSAT practice pack was great! The content and layout are excellent and the site is so easy to use. Our son's results were excellent and we would definitely recommend this site to other parents.
Ben, OLSAT Level D Premium, Aug. 2015
My daughter uses the program 3-4 times a week and we like it! The detailed explanations help me to explain the answers my daughter doesn't understand and having both the step-by-step mode, as well as the test mode has been really helpful. My daughter likes to practice and likes to compare her new results with her old results. She feels comfortable with the programs and both parents and children will find the videos helpful!
Natalya, OLSAT/NNAT Bundle, Aug. 2015
The site was easy to use and was engaging and fun for my 2nd grader. With only one weekend left before the GATE test, I wanted to make sure the few hours of practice would be the best. The OLSAT/NNAT Bundle was perfect. It familiarized my son with the content and prepared him with the same time constraint, putting him at complete ease during the actual test, allowing him to perform at his true level - 99th percentile - what more can I ask for! Additionally, the TestPrep-Online team is extremely responsive, helpful, courteous, and easy to work with. Parents, if you want your child to face the GATE testing confidently, look no further!
Amitkumar, OLSAT/NNAT Bundle, March 2015
The test at school (NNAT) was easier than the questions on the website. I knew my answers were correct for all the questions except for two of them that I found somewhat confusing. I had a lot of fun doing the test!
Kevin (2nd Grade), OLSAT/NNAT Bundle, March 2015
The fact that the practice tests were online and very visual was great, as it helped my kids to be more responsive to exercises.
Morgan, OLSAT, March 2015
TestPrep-Online was a really great tool for my 6th grader, and yes, she qualified for the GATE program with a 96%.My 12 year old daughter said it really helped her feel prepared for the actual test. I already recommended the practice pack to another mom. Thank you very much!
Sarah, OLSAT, March 2015
We wanted to to get an idea of what would be on the OLSAT and the practice pack helped us with that. We particularly liked that it specified where improvement was needed.
Anonymous, OLSAT, March 2015
I really liked the explanations in the step-by-step mode - they were short and to the point. The site was great and easy to use and I would absolutely recommend it to other parents.
Smit, OLSAT, March 2014
The practice pack was great! The practice tests helped my son feel prepared for the test. We found that the site was easy to use and I would recommend to other parents.
Anonymous, OLSAT, March 2015
Your practice test questions are actually very similar to those in the ‘real’ tests
Helen, April 2015
Our overall experience was good and we were happy with the product. We found that the site was very user-friendly. My daughter nailed the test and I would totally recommend TestPrep-Online to other parents.
Jonathan, CogAT, March 2015
I liked that my child had both the timed and step-by-step options when taking a practice test. My child was able to use the site easily and I would definitely recommend it to other parents of children taking gifted and talented tests.
Lisa, CogAT, Feb. 2015
The test pack was easy to use and I wouldn't change anything about it. I would definitely recommend this product to other parents.
Michael, NNAT, Feb. 2015
Overall, I liked the structure of the questions and the option to use tests in timed or step-by-step modes. The drills were helpful and allowed me to assess my daughter's strengths and weaknesses. This product allowed my daughter to go into the test knowing what to expect. It was also great that I just needed to pay one time for a ten month license!
Anonymous, NYC, Feb. 2015
I have improved my scores greatly. Your study guides are very helpful and before each test you take I would recommend everyone to go over the guides first. I take this approach for every test and my scores increase everyday.

John, Minnesota, October 2014
My kids were happy with this product and I would not change anything about it. The site is user-friendly and we had an overall great experience.
Ira, NYC, Feb. 2015
I like the variety of questions offered in the test pack, as they provided us with an idea as to what will be on the test.
Musleha, NNAT, Feb. 2015
I loved how quickly I was able to access the tests after purchasing the product and how easy it was to use! It familiarized my daughter with the format of the test, allowing her to feel calm for the test.
Margaret, CogAT, Jan. 2015
The questions in this study pack were very similar in style to what appeared on the actual test. I would definitely recommend this product to other parents.
Ryan, CogAT, Jan. 2015
We liked the practice drills and the fact that there was so much prep material! The videos were very helpful and I would recommend this product to other parents.
Natalia, NNAT, Jan. 2015
The school provided us with only one week to prepare. In that week, my child’s scores improved rapidly. This package provided my child with efficient training and gave him the confidence he needed to succeed and he was accepted to the program!
Ola, OLSAT/NNAT, Jan. 2015
Parents, I just want to share my results and my experience with this site.I paid for six months worth of NNAT. I drilled my seven year old daughter every other day for 1 to 1 1/2 hrs for four weeks. She got to the point were she knew the type of question by name and what to look for.Here are her results after 4 weeks: 133 "very superior"... the highest score ranking percentile she could get was a 99, she got a 98. We could not ask for more. -- A very satisfied customer and would recommend this site to anyone interested in getting their child in a gifted program.
Jose, NNAT, Feb. 2014
The materials were really great. They were easy to interact with and understand. I really liked the fact that there were so many tests. They were useful because they got my son to sit through the tests and we were able to track his progress.
Sonia, NYC, Jan. 2014
Our child took the test at the end of January. She enjoyed preparing and thought the questions were challenging.
Francia, OLSAT, Jan. 2014
Very helpful! Highly recommended.
Sherry, NNAT, Jan. 2014
It was great, I loved it. The materials were good and it helped a lot. I would absolutely recommend it to other parents.
Natalie, NYC, Jan. 2014
Everything was great. It was easy to use, self explanatory, and efficient.
Yi, NYC, Jan. 2014
We are extremely happy to have purchased the product. It was totally clear and simple and my son felt prepared because we used your pack to prepare. We are very, very happy!
Ketevan, NYC, Jan. 2014
We ordered the materials a week before the test. My son was very happy and felt confident. Thanks!
Malak, NYC, Jan. 2014
I really liked it. It felt similar to the real test. For example, I liked that the NNAT questions were blue and yellow, just like the real test. It was good practice and I can’t think of anything I would change.
Dina, NYC, Jan. 2014
We are really satisfied and would recommend the product to other parents. It was well set up, there were fantastic explanations, and the questions helped him understand how to solve the different types of questions. He improved significantly as he was preparing and he came out of the test feeling very good!
Cliff, NYC, Jan. 2014
The tests were really good and my daughter enjoyed taking them... I recommended it to anyone who came to me.
Anonymous, NNAT, Dec. 2013
The product was very helpful and it prepared her for the test. I recommended it to two of her friends' moms!
Ji, NNAT, Nov. 2013
We had a very good experience with this product. The study guide provided very useful information to familiarize with the test. I would give it a 9 out of 10.
Jingguo, OLSAT, Oct. 2013
We really liked it! It was easy to use and helped us a lot. Some of the questions were easy for my son, while for other questions he really had to think. It was a good combination. 
Kanchen, NNAT, Sep. 2013
TestPrep-Online helped him understand NNAT examples. He knew exactly what to expect on the test...and he got into the gifted program!
Nandita, NNAT, Sep. 2013
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