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Virginia Beach Gifted: The Best Schools, the NNAT, and the OLSAT

Read about the gifted programs and schools in Virginia Beach, including the Old Donation Center and Kemps Landing Magnet School, two of the best schools in Virginia Beach. Learn how the gifted identification and admissions processes work, and when the NNAT and OLSAT are administered.
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Gifted and Talented Identification

The Virginia Beach City Public School System has gifted programs available for all qualifying students in grades K-12. The identification process is ongoing, with trained gifted resource teachers constantly observing children for gifted tendencies, in order to decide which students to refer for further testing.

In January and February of each year, the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) is administered to all first grade students in the Virginia Beach City Public School System. Those who score in the 90th percentile or above are given the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) in March and April. In May, the gifted identification and placement committee reviews all first grade candidates who achieved high scores on the NNAT and OLSAT for placement into Virginia Beach gifted programs.

While gifted resource teachers typically refer students for gifted testing, students may request to be tested an unlimited number of times throughout the course of their education. Students who are referred for testing are administered the NNAT. While a student from any grade may request to take a gifted test, students are only tested grade-wide in first grade.

Gifted Schools and Programs 

Neighborhood School Clusters

Children in kindergarten and first grade who have not yet undergone gifted testing may be selected by their teachers for separate gifted education programs within their regular classrooms. These students are taught a "differentiated curriculum" by the classroom and gifted resource teachers. This means that the teacher adapts the curriculum to meet the unique needs of gifted learners by making modifications in complexity, depth, or pacing.

After all first graders are tested, those who are identified as gifted in grades 2-8 continue their education in one of two ways: the first option involves “clusters” of children. These clusters are groups of six to eight gifted children, placed in a normal classroom at their local neighborhood school. These students are taught by a cluster teacher, trained to teach gifted education. The second option available to gifted children involves select gifted schools, such as the Old Donation Center and Kemps Landing Magnet School.

Old Donation Center and Kemps Landing Magnet School

There are two select gifted schools available to gifted children: The Old Donation Center (grades 2-5) and Kemps Landing Magnet School (grades 6-8), which are considered two of the best schools in Virginia Beach. Unlike the cluster programs within neighborhood schools, these schools require students and their parents to fill out an application, in addition to the required testing. The Old Donation Center and Kemps Landing Magnet School are both full-time gifted schools, with a curriculum that goes deeper into course material while moving at an accelerated pace.

Preparing for Gifted Testing

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