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Wonderlic SLE Practice Test 2018

Are you applying to an academic program that requires the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE)? TestPrep-Online’s Wonderlic SLE practice test pack is designed to help you prepare for your test. Continue reading to learn more about the test.

The pack includes:
  • New and improved practice pack! 
  • Diagnostic test - learn your strengths and improve your weaknesses
  • 9 full-length Wonderlic-style tests
  • Five 50-question and four 30-question practice tests
  • A complete Wonderlic study guide- 56 pages of tips on how to quickly solve each type of question
  • Extra practice drills in logical reasoning, language competencies, and graph reasoning and patterns
  • Including all question types seen on the real test
  • Fully detailed score reports & explanations 
  • Secured payment 

  • Immediate online access, extended license
  • Exclusive to TestPrep-Online
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About the Wonderlic SLE

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) is the academic version of the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test; it is used to assess one’s general mental ability. Many schools use the Wonderlic SLE for admissions purposes as it is the best assessment used to predict academic success. The test is also helpful in determining which candidates qualify for academic programs. The Wonderlic SLE can be taken either on-site or online (see below).

Wonderlic SLE – Quicktest

The Wonderlic SLE-Q is taken online. It analyzes and recognizes the applicants who have the highest chances of succeeding in an online learning program. This helps to boost the rates of program completion and job placement, while also reducing student loans.

This test assesses cognitive ability and predicts at what rate a student will efficiently comprehend instructions, cope with the demands of education online, and absorb new material. Assessing cognitive ability is considered the most accurate way to predict a candidate’s academic success.

Who Takes the Wonderlic SLE?

The Wonderlic SLE Test is used by various academic institutions for admission and placement purposes. For example, both nursing programs and police forces require the Wonderlic SLE when admitting candidates to their respective educational programs.

Wonderlic SLE Format & Question Types

The following are some of the different question types used to assess cognitive ability:
  • Word comparisons
  • Antonyms
  • Dates & times
  • Folding boxes
  • Graphs
  • Number Comparisons
  • Simple math
  • Sentence forming
  • Rotational Series
  • Syllogisms
The Wonderlic SLE begins with the easier questions and increases in difficulty as the test progresses.

Test Examination Method# of Questions Allotted Time
Wonderlic SLE - Quicktest (SLE-Q) Online
30 Questions 8 Minutes
Wonderlic SLE Online
50 Questions 12 Minutes

Wonderlic SLE Scores

The Wonderlic SLE score is calculated by the amount of correct answers given in the allotted time, meaning that all the questions on the test have the same value regardless of their placement in the test or their difficulty.

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Wonderlic SLE Test Prep

To prepare efficiently for your upcoming Wonderlic SLE test it is recommended that you get to know all the different types of Wonderlic SLE questions and that you practice as much as you can. Practicing with TestPrep-Online gives you:
  • Hundreds of Wonderlic SLE-style online practice questions
  • Step-by-step and timed practice modes
  • Detailed explanations
  • A comprehensive Wonderlic SLE Study Guide
  • Helpful, quick-to-respond customer service

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