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1. D (The sixth month of the year is June.)

2. C (Scrupulous is a word used to describe someone who is punctual and precise, while negligent is a word used to describe someone who is lazily careless.)

3. A  (DIY is the acronym for “do it yourself”)

4. B (Designation is the act of indicating, while the other words mean allowance.)

5. A (To antecede and precede both mean to be earlier than something.)

6. C (Soap is used for cleaning as medicine is used for curing.)

7. B (Grinberg, A.L. and Havanos, B.G. are the two pairs which have exact duplicates.)

8. B (The sentence is: Summer and winter are not seasons, which is false.)

9. C (According to the first statement we know that black haired people are kind, but kind people do not necessarily have black hair. Therefore we cannot know for sure if the third statement is correct.)

10. A (The sun has a diameter over than 100 times larger than earth, which has a diameter larger than the all the other answers.)

11. B (Because 30 is 6 times more than 5, we also multiply the cost by 6, 0.3*6=1.80.)

12. A (If Edna has 6 times more marbles than Sam, we can define Sam as X and Edna as 6X, and build the following equation: X+6X=56, therefore X=8.)

13. F (Because 36 seconds is 18 times more than 2 seconds we also multiply the distance traveled by 18, 100*18=1800, which does not appear in the answers.)

14. B (We can see that numbers in the series constantly grow by 4, therefore the next number will be 44+4=48.)

15. C (In order to find out how much is 17 out of 20 in percentage, we need to reach a denominator of 100 (a percent is simply a fraction with a denominator of 100). In order to do this we multiply the fraction 17/20 by 5 and reach 85/100 which is 85%.)

16. A (In the current agreement Dana receives 10% of $6600, which is $6600*10/100=$660. If the profits were divided equally between the three partners she would have received a third which is $6600*1/3=$2200. Therefore she would have made $2200-$660= $1540 more in the second case.)

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