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Dina (aged 9)
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Guide To Using Our Free NNAT Kindergarten Diagnostic Test

Note: If your child gets 10/10 on our sample test, congratulations! they're on the right track. Continue practicing to keep that knowledge strong and intact.



Sample Test Preview

You can access a free sample NNAT Level A sample test using the red button on the right part of the screen. This test contains ten questions that are suitable for the NNAT Level A (Kindergarten). Before you start, make sure this is a test that suits your level.

Below there are preview questions followed by detailed explanations. Each question deals with a different subject that can be found on the actual test. Read the instructions for each question before you start solving them.

Pattern Completion

[1] Look at the design in the large rectangle while paying attention to the missing square. Which answer choice completes the design?


Reasoning by Analogy

[2] In this kind of questions, there is a relation between the four boxes. The empty box must have the same relation as the others. 
You should examine across the rows or down the columns to figure out that relation. Do so in the direction in which the relation is clearer.


Serial Reasoning

[3] Look for a relationship between the figures across the rows and down the columns. The direction in which you examine the question should depend on where you can most easily visualize the analogous relationship.



[1] The correct answer is D.

Imagine continuing the two curves across the empty square. The right side of the outermost curve will be white. The right side of the next curve will be yellow and the left side of the curve will be blue. The only answer choice that conforms to these requirements is answer choice D.

You could also use answer choice elimination. It helps using color or distinctive lines as anchors and making sure those anchors remain the same in both the large picture and the missing part.
The anchors in this specific question will be the curvy lines. We would expect that the way they curve will remain similar in answer choices same way as in the design. That way we can eliminate answer choices A,B,C and E and the only answer choice that remains is answer choice D.

[2] The correct answer is A.

Look at the top row. The left figure is the mirror image of the right figure, flipped horizontally. It is helpful to focus on a specific part of the shape. For example, in the left frame, the top blue square appears in the left corner and in the right frame, the top blue square appears in the right corner. Now, look at the bottom row. The figures in the bottom row will follow the same rules. The figure on the right will be the mirror image of the figure on the left. The left figure contains a white circle over four squares: yellow in the top-left and bottom-right corners, and blue in the opposite corners. The figure on the right will also contain a white circle over the four squares. The difference will be that the yellow squares will be positioned in the top-right and bottom-left corners, and the blue squares will be positioned in the top-left and bottom-right corners. The correct answer is answer choice A.

[3] The correct answer is A.

Across the top and middle rows in the above analogy, the figures rotate 180 degrees. The figures in the bottom row will adhere to the same property. Rotate the figure in the left frame 180 degrees to find the correct answer. Since the figure on the left contains a yellow arrow pointing downwards, and a white arrow pointing upwards, the answer choice will contain a yellow arrow pointing upwards and a white arrow pointing downwards (answer choice A).

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