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NNAT Level A (Kindergarten)

3 full-length practice tests, practice questions, and challenge questions (462 total questions).

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Which NNAT level do kindergarten students take? 

Children take the NNAT Level A for entry into gifted and talented programs at the kindergarten level. The NNAT Level A is designed to provide a nonverbal measure of general ability and reasoning skills. There are a total of 48 questions on the NNAT Level A for kindergarten entry. It is important that children understand the general format and content of the exam so that they feel confident and are able to perform their best. Understanding the content and the format of the NNAT is essential and will allow students to perform to the best of their ability on test day, so try a free NNAT sample test.

The Vanguard program in Houston uses the NNAT A to assess all kindergartners for admission into the program. Learn more about gifted testing in your local school district

What types of questions are on the Kindergarten NNAT?

The Level A NNAT (kindergarten)  includes two types of questions: Pattern Completion and Reasoning by Analogy.

by Analogy




Grade 1


Grade 2


Grades 3-4


Grades 5-6


Grades 7-9


Grades 10-12

Try a Free Level A NNAT (Kindergarten) Test

Have your child begin practicing today with a free NNAT2 test (kindergarten level). S/he should answer the test questions online and will then receive a personalized score report at the end of the test. When your child completes the practice test, s/he will find answers and clear explanations to all of the given questions. 

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