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About the CAT4 

The CAT4, or the Fourth Edition Cognitive Abilities Test, is a collection of tests developed by GL Assessment to help parents and teachers understand students' reasoning abilities and academic potential. The test has become increasingly popular, and it is now widely used by many schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland and many international schools worldwide.

The test is primarily focused on measuring cognitive reasoning skills, regardless of past knowledge accumulated in previous studies. This test features the following sections: 

  • Quantitative Reasoning-Number Series and Number Analogies 
  • Verbal Reasoning-Verbal Classification and Verbal Analogies
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning-Figure Classification and Figure Matrices
  • Spatial Ability-Figure Analysis and Figure Recognition

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CAT4 Level C Sample Questions

CAT4 Level C Test Practice Question-Quantitative Reasoning #1 

13        17        21        15        19        23        17        ?

Answer & Explanation|

The correct answer is 21. In this series, the pattern is as follows: first, 4 is added, then 4 is added again, then 6 is subtracted; then 4 is added again, and so on. The pattern is: +4, +4, -6, +4, +4, -6, ... The last three numbers in the series are 19, 23, and 17; 23 is larger than 19 by 4 (+4), and 17 is smaller than 23 by 6 (-6). Thus, the next number in the series should be larger than 17 by 4 (+4): 17 + 4 = 21 Therefore, 21 is the correct answer.

#Note that additional practice questions for the Quantitative Reasoning battery (number analogies + number series) can be found on our CAT4 Level C practice packs.

CAT4 Level C Test Practice Question-Verbal Reasoning #1 

blimp    bee    bat 

Answer & Explanation|

The correct answer is kite. Blimps, bees, bats, and kites are all things that fly. Note that the rule is not "words that begin with b," as there are two answer choices that begin with "b" (boat and bear).

#Note that additional practice questions for the Verbal Reasoning battery (Verbal analogies + Verbal classification) can be found on our CAT4 Level C practice packs.


CAT4 Level C Test Practice Question-Non Verbal Reasoning #1

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is E.

Each picture includes two shapes; an outer shape patterned with diagonal lines, and another inner shape.

In addition, the inner shape has one side less than the outer shape.

Answer E fits the pattern and therefore it is the correct answer.

Answers A and D are wrong because the backgrounds are white rather than the inner shape.

Answer B is wrong because the inner shape has the same number of edges as the shape on the outside.

Answer C is wrong because the outer shape (the triangle) has one less edge than the inner shape (the parallelogram), instead of the other way around.

#Note that additional practice questions for the Non-Verbal Reasoning battery (Figure analogies + Figure classification) can be found on our CAT4 Level C practice packs.


CAT4 Level C Test Practice Question-Spatial Ability #1

Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is D.

  • First, the square paper was folded in half widthwise, and then it was folded in half again lengthwise.
  • Then, three holes were cut out of the folded paper.
  • Since the paper was folded in half twice, the holes were cut through four layers of paper.
  • Therefore, when the paper is unfolded it will have twelve holes: 3 x 4 = 12.
  • Since the paper was folded in half widthwise and then again in half lengthwise, each quarter must mirror the quarters above or below it and the quarter to its left or right.

Answer choices A, C, and E include fewer than 12 holes, so they can be eliminated.

If you look closely at answer choice B, you can see that the quarters do not mirror each other in this way. The holes in the top half are positioned exactly the same as those in the bottom half instead of mirroring them.

We are left with the 4th answer choice, which is the correct answer.

#Note that additional practice questions for the Spatial Ability battery (Paper folding + Figure recognition) can be found on our CAT4 Level C practice packs.

CAT 4 Format & Sections

CAT4 is a multiple-choice test that consists of four test batteries, each containing two short tests:

Verbal Reasoning Verbal Classification
Verbal Analogies
Quantitative Reasoning Number Analogies
Number Series
Non-verbal Reasoning Figure Classification
Figure Matrices
Spatial Ability Figure Analysis
Figure Recognition


These short tests are administered in three parts:

Part 1

Question Number

Test Time

Figure Classification

24 questions

10 minutes

Figure Matrices

24 questions

10 minutes

Part 2



Verbal Classification

24 questions

8 minutes

Verbal Analogies

24 questions

8 minutes

Number Analogies

18 questions

10 minutes

Part 3



Number Series

18 questions

8 minutes

Figure Analysis

18 questions

9 minutes

Figure Recognition

18 questions

9 minutes

How to Prepare for the CAT4 Level C?

The CAT4 has a unique question format and strict time limitations, which results in a challenging experience for students facing the test. An excellent way to ease the pressure and improve the capability to deal with the test's daunting nature is to seek proper preparation before the exam. By practicing sample questions and knowing the test structure, your child could gain extra confidence and upgrade their CAT4 performance.

Other than reducing anxiety, practicing ahead also improves the accuracy of the test in reflecting your child's actual ability by eliminating negative factors that influence the test result and has nothing to do with the student's skills. In addition, if your child is taking the CAT4 exam as part of an admission process, preparing in advance can give them a crucial advantage and boost their chances of enrollment.

Preparing for the CAT4 is not an easy task, as the test is not designed to examine academic knowledge but instead focuses on spotting students' reasoning skills and potential. However, practicing sample questions with similar format and difficulty as in the actual test can improve their ability to solve such questions within the time limitations without letting the pressure defect their performance, thus increasing the chances of scoring high.

Online CAT4 Level C Test Practice

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All practice materials are available via our intuitive, child-friendly, easy-to-use online platforms, providing a comfortable and practical preparation experience. Other than having the ability to solve many sample questions and undergo the simulated conditions of the actual test, upon completion of each practice test, you will receive an extensive score report with elaborated details regarding your child's performance. This report will not only enable the possibility to track your child's progress with ease, but it will also help you discover their difficulties and determine where to focus most of the efforts during the preparation process.

We wish you a successful and enriching practice and good luck with the CAT4 exam!

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CAT4 Level C (Year 6)

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