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A Bit About the MAP Test

The Importance of Preparing for the MAP

How Much Prep-Time is Needed?

What We Offer and How it Will Help Your Child

What is Included on our 6th Grade MAP Practice Pack?

Our Learning Platform

Is the 6th Grade MAP PrepPack the Most Suitable Option for my Child?

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What Is On the MAP 6th Grade Test?

The MAP 6th grade is comprised of the following sections:

  • Reading-between 40-43 questions
  • Language Usage-between 50-53 questions
  • Math-between 47-53 questions

The MAP exam is an adaptive test. The amount of questions in each section are not fixed because the difficulty of the exam varies over the course of the test, getting harder or easier following a correct or incorrect answer. It's also important to note that the MAP test has no time restriction.

A Bit About the MAP Test

The NWEA MAP has become a popular test in recent years and is widely used by many schools and programs around the world. Originally, schools adopted this test in order to measure the progress of their students in their school studies. In recent years, many public and private schools, as well as gifted programs for youth have started to use the MAP test as an admission tool. The MAP test is adaptive, meaning that the questions that it presents are based on how the previos questions were answered. The final score does not reflect the percentage of questions answered correctly, but rather where the student stands in his academic progress, as measured by an educational tracking system called RIT. In other words, an average sixth grader’s score may reflect that he is likely to answer certain 6th grade level questions correctly.

The Importance of Preparing for the MAP

Whatever reason your child is taking the MAP, it is crucial to get him or her ready for the test.

If your child will be taking the MAP to measure his or her academic growth, practicing beforehand will help put your child at ease by familiarizing him or her with the test content and format. This will also allow the test to more accurately reflect your child’s academic progress and knowledge.

If your child is taking the MAP test for admission purposes, practicing beforehand puts him or her in a better position relative to other kids, and increases his or her chances of reaching a higher score and being accepted.

How Much Prep-Time is Needed?

The prep time required varies between students. Some need only a quick review for a few days, while others may need one or two months to relearn the material. It all depends on the individual’s own familiarity and grasp of the material. We recommend going over what your child learned during last year in the subjects of math and English, paying careful attention to their strengths and weaknesses. This will provide you with a good idea of which areas need more focus and how much time will be needed to relearn or review them. Keep in mind that since the MAP test is not grade specific, but rather adapts to your child’s measured progress, it is wise to review material from previous grades as well, and even looking into some more advanced material. We also recommend taking a look at our 6th grade MAP Sample Test to get an idea of what your child’s performance on the MAP test might look like at this stage.

What We Offer and How it Will Help Your Child

We provide a comprehensive and thorough preparation for the following sections of the NWEA MAP test: Mathematics, Reading, and Language Usage.

Our 6th grade MAP pack includes a large variety of practice materials, reflecting a large RIT range – 201-250. Many of the practice questions in this pack cover the material learned during 6th grade. However, this pack also contains questions designed for 5th grade as well as questions designed for higher grades (grades 7-8), due to the adaptive nature of the real MAP exam. By providing a large scope of practice materials, we provide a solution to many types of students, and increase the chances the student will properly handle materials he has not learned yet, together with the already learned material.

Another important thing to note is that the real MAP exam is aligned with the US Common Core curriculum. Our practice pack is also designed according to the US Common Core curriculum, thus making sure your child will be familiar with the official educational standards that the MAP adheres to, and is exposed to all of the relevant material.

What is Included on our 6th Grade MAP Practice Pack?

As mentioned previously, we thoroughly cover the main three subjects on the MAP test: Mathematics, Reading, and Language Usage. For each of these subjects, you will find six practice quizzes with 15 questions each, with a gradually growing level of difficulty. We recommend your child solve these quizzes first, as they provide the foundation and allow the student to understand which areas he or she is strong in and which ones need more attention.

After completing the quizzes, you will find a full-length simulation for each of the three subjects. These simulations will give your child the opportunity to practice under real test conditions, as they contain the estimated number of questions that appear on the real MAP test. The real test is untimed, and we left more than enough time to solve each simulation.

On top of quizzes and simulations, the 6th grade MAP pack contains 10 study guides, covering essential material required to succeed on the MAP test:

- Five mathematics study guides:

  • Equations
  • Fractions
  • Geometry
  • Percentages, rates, and ratio
  • Probability, combinatorics, and statistics

- Four language study guides:

  • Back to basics
  • Mechanics
  • Parts of speech
  • Writing process

- One study guide for parents and teachers with information about the MAP test and our practice pack and how to use it, together with study plan recommendation and tips.

We recommend reading the study guides thoroughly, even if your child is very advanced academically, as it is always good to refresh their knowledge and it is always possible to learn new ways of dealing with the MAP test. Increasing familiarity with the material on the MAP test can increase your child’s RIT score significantly!

To complete the student's preparation, you will also find enrichment practice within the pack: three language usage enrichment quizzes and four math enrichment quizzes. Our enrichment questions cover various sixth-grade math, language, and grammar topics. These problems provide students with valuable extra practice in the difficult topics.

*NEW* - Language Usage Video LessonsWe present to you now, the first part in this series: Mechanics*. There are three topics in Language Usage Mechanics—capital letters, punctuation, and spelling, and we cover these topics over four videos. The lessons are compiled and taught by TestPrep-Online’s own resident teacher and MAP authority Ariav Schlesinger, M.Ed. They include presentations for each topic that make the material more interesting and easier to follow, as well as practice with the instructor integrated into the lesson, and interactive individual practice quizzes between the lessons. This is for just $99.

*The Language Usage section of the MAP test selects its questions from among four topics:

  • Mechanics: The technical aspect of the English language, including capital letters, punctuation, and spelling
  • Parts of Speech: Knowing how to recognize, use, and differentiate between the different types of words, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and others.
  • Usage: The rules and terms of sentence structure, or syntax; in other words, how to properly form sentences and break them down to their functional parts.
  • Writing: The literary side of language; knowledge of literary devices and techniques—what they mean and how to use them.

Our Learning Platform

Our learning platform is intuitive, child-friendly, and easy to use. Your child will be able to see how much time is left during practice, which questions he skipped or hasn't answered yet, and which tests and quizzes are yet to be taken. Click here to explore our platform for free!

After completing each test or quiz, the student will be able to submit his or her answers and then view a detailed score report. In this score report, he or she will be able to see which questions they got correct, which they got wrong, and which they did not answer. Then, the student will be able to click on each of the questions to view the correct answer alongside his or her own answers, accompanied with a detailed explanation that shows how to solve the question and provides tips for dealing with similar questions in the future.

The student can retake the tests and quizzes as many times as he or she wants in order to improve their performance. They will also be able to see their overall score on a scale of 1-10, which will help them track their progress over time. See the image below to get an idea of what this score report looks like.

Is the 6th Grade MAP PrepPack the Most Suitable Option for my Child?

Sometimes, it is unclear what would be the most suitable practice level for your child, especially if your child is in a transition period, just starting 6th grade or about to start 7th grade. Our recommendation is as follows:

  • If your child has just finished 5th grade or is just at the beginning of 6th grade, it depends on how well he or she did in 5th If he or she performed well – the 6th grade pack would probably be the right choice. If he or she did not perform well in 5th grade - our 5th MAP pack would be more suitable.
  • If your child is at the middle of 6th grade – the 6th grade pack is perfect.
  • If your child is towards the end of 6th grade or at the beginning of 7th grade – the 6th grade pack is a good choice. If after completing this pack, you and your child feel the need for more higher-level practice – contact us and we will provide you with the 7th grade MAP pack for a discounted price!

​Our Purchasing Options

You have three options for getting access to the MAP 6th grade PrepPack:

  1. A single pack for $89: This will provide you with access to the 6th grade MAP PrepPack for one year, with all its quizzes, practice tests, and study guides.
  2. A single pack with video lessons for $99: This will provide you with access to the same practice materials as on the pack mentioned above, plus four comprehensive recorded video lessons covering main language usage topics, delivered by our MAP expert.
  3. Family Membership for $149: With this plan, you will be able to access all our online MAP packs, including but not limited to the 6th grade MAP pack, for one year. This is a great option in case you want your child to practice more than one grade (for example, practicing both the 6th and the 7th grade MAP packs). Additionally, with this plan, you will be able to create up to three separate accounts. This is an excellent solution in case you have more than one child, in the same or different grades, who needs to prepare for the MAP.
  4. Teachers Membership for $169: This is a great solution for teachers who want to prepare their students for the MAP test. This plan provides access to all our online MAP packs for one year, and the teacher can create up to six separate accounts so each student can practice independently.

We wish your child a fun and rewarding practice experience!


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