Which NNAT Level is Taken for First Grade Entry?

Children take the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT Level B) for entry into first grade gifted and talented programs. The NNAT Level B is designed to provide a nonverbal measure of general ability and reasoning skills. There is a total of 48 questions on the NNAT Level B for first grade entry. It is important that children understand the general format and content of the exam so that they feel confident and are able to perform their best.

In Virginia Beach, VA, for example, the NNAT B is given to first graders as part of the admissions process for gifted programs. Find out more about gifted testing in your local school district.

What Types of Questions are on the NNAT Level B?

The NNAT Level B is comprised of three types of questions: Pattern Completion, Reasoning by Analogy, and Serial Reasoning.

Pattern Completion questions: These questions present a design with a portion missing. The student is asked to choose the correct portion missing from the answer choices.

Reasoning by Analogy questions: The student is presented with four boxes. The two on the top row share a relation. The one box on the bottom row should share the same relation with one of the boxes in the answer choices. The student need to pay attention to details and figure out what is the relation of the top row boxes and apply it on the remaining box with one of the boxes in the answer choice.

Serial Reasoning question: In this type of questions the student is presented with a matrix comprised of boxes filled with geometric shapes. The student must realize the way the geometric objects change as one moves across the rows and down the columns. One of the boxes is empty and the student needs to determine which answer choice belongs to the missing part of the matrix.

Level Grade Pattern Completion Reasoning by Analogy Serial Reasoning Spatial Visualization
A Kindergarten    
B Grade 1  
C Grade 2
D Grades 3-4
E Grades 5-6
F Grades 7-9  
G Grades 10-12  

Try a Free Level B NNAT (1st Grade) Test

Have your child begin practicing today with a free NNAT test. S/he should answer the test questions online and will then receive a personalized score report at the end of the test. When your child completes the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability practice test, s/he will find answers and clear explanations to all of the given questions.

10 Tips for the Level B NNAT 

Preparing your child for any gifted children test can be daunting Here are some tips to help your child study for the Level B NNAT:

  • Remove distractions:
    Our surrounding is filled with distractions and avoiding them could be quite the challenge. Whether it is games, smartphones or the internet, removing them is important for studying.
  • Goal setting:
    Setting a simple goal can relieve pressure from your child, by making a task seem less threatening. Thus, helping your child focus on the task at hand.
  • Plan your study time:
    Some topics may take more time than others. Limit how much time you give to each topic and keep your studying varied! It is recommended not to study a topic for more than two hours at a time.
  • Eat right:
    A good diet can help you strengthen your concentration power. Avoid junk food as it tends to slow you down.
  • Take breaks:
    Your brain needs a break sometime as well. Go out, get some exercise or just breath fresh air. It will help you to better focus on your studying later.
  • Drink plenty of water:
    Keeping yourself hydrated is important to keep your energy rates from dropping.
  • Get a good night sleep:
    Sleep deprivation can seriously harm your studying. Your brain needs time to assimilate the information you have gathered during the day. A good sleep gives your brain the time it needs just to do so.
  • Organize your study place:
    Make sure you got enough light and a comfortable chair. While some enjoy studying in silence, some might enjoy background music – Find what works for you!
  • Be positive:
    Focus your mind on positive outcomes. It will make you less anxious and more eager to study. Your attitude makes all the difference!
  • Mark small challenges:
    When you are facing long and dense subjects, you can set small challenges to keep your spirits high; a good way to find motivation while you study.

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