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Prepare for the NWEA MAP Language Usage Section

Is your child preparing for the MAP language usage test? MAP tests are meant to track progress, so proper preparation is key. With TestPrep-Online's preparation packs and resources, you can ensure your child arrives to test day prepared. Learn about the MAP language usage section and all that it entails, and help place your child on the path to success.
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About the MAP Language Usage Section

The MAP language usage section is the third of the three MAP subtests. The MAP language test assesses student writing and grammar across a range of levels. Like the rest of the MAP tests, the language usage test is an untimed computer adaptive test. Students begin taking the language section in grade 2, and they are tested throughout each school year to track their progress.

MAP Language Usage Questions

The MAP language usage section is made up of 52 questions that assess students' usage of writing strategies, writing application and style, mechanics, and grammar.

  • Writing strategy questions ask students to apply their knowledge of prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing.
  • The writing application and style component of the test provides students with sentences and paragraphs and requires them to respond with correct writing usage as well as to demonstrate an understanding of the various composition forms. The types of composition forms students are given include poetry, personal narratives, and expository.
  • The mechanics section of the test assesses punctuation. The degree of punctuation concepts utilized increases as student level grows.
  • In the grammar section, students are asked to show comprehension of word forms and tenses, sentence structures, phrases and clauses, and accurate spelling.

MAP Language Usage Standards

MAP scores use a curriculum developed scale system called the RIT scale. Because MAP tests are meant to benchmark student progress across students' school years, there are no high or low scores. Students are in competition with their most recent highest scores and are meant to use the knowledge they have learned throughout the school year to improve these scores. There are, however, national standards of RIT scores that have been calculated based on past testing years.

Standard National RIT Scores for the 2015–16 School Year

Grade Median
RIT Score

















For more information about RIT scores and how the MAP test is graded, visit our MAP Scores page.

MAP Language Usage Practice

Properly preparing for any section of the MAP test can help your child improve his or her score. As part of the full MAP 3rd grade practice pack, TestPrep-Online offers a full MAP language usage practice test that exposes your child to the test's structure, question types, and basic tips that will ensure his or her success. Visit our MAP Practice page to learn more about the full MAP test and ensure that your third grader aces the test.

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