Very helpful! I used the MAP 4th grade practice pack and the practice questions were very close to what the actual test was like. I passed with flying colours.
Derek (aged 10)
These practice tests were good for my daughter to get her ready for her MAP testing. It provided some guidance for her to know what to expect.
I am really happy with my MAP preparation purchase. My boys scored in the 99 percentile for 2nd and 5th grade!
Very kind and thoughtful about customer.
TestPrep is helping a lot, I am able to get used to the questions and learn how to solve them quickly.
We use the MAP prep packs in class. We currently use TestPrep-Online's materials to help students prepare for MAP 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade tests. We believe the prep packs have had a positive influence on the students.
Staff at Prestige Preparatory Academy


Guide To Using Our Free MAP Diagnostic Tests
Note: If your child gets 7-8 on our MAP sample test, congratulations! they're on the right track. Continue practicing to keep that knowledge strong and intact.


Free MAP Test for 2nd Grade- Preview

Our Free 2nd Grade MAP Practice Test consists of ten multiple-choice questions which cover every section of the exam. Once your child has clicked on an answer option, check the explanation to see if it was the correct one.

Our Free 2nd Grade MAP Practice Test consists of ten multiple-choice questions which cover every section of the exam. Once your child has clicked on an answer option, check the explanation to see if it was the correct one.

At the end of each question, please rate the answer explanation. This helps us improve our service and provide the best possible practice material for your child.

2nd Grade MAP Question Preview

2nd Grade MAP Math Question

What number is missing from the following equation?

? + 7 = 18

A. 9
B. 10
C. 11

Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is (C).

A number sentence can be expressed in many ways. For example, you know that 1 + 2 = 3. Similarly, you can say that 1 = 3 – 2 or 2 = 3 – 1.

An equation has two sides separated by an equal sign, and both sides must be equal for the equation to be correct.
Addition and subtraction are inverse relationships. If you add and subtract the same number, then your expression will not change. In fact, if you apply the same change to both sides of the equation, it remains correct. You can subtract seven from both sides and the equation will not change.

Subtracting seven from each side makes the following equivalent equation:
? + 7 – 7 = 18 – 7
The sevens on the left side cancel each other out because addition and subtraction are inverse. Since the sevens cancel each other, this is what is left of the equation.
? = 18 – 7 = 11

About the NWEA MAP 2nd Grade

The NWEA 2nd Grade MAP Exam is one of the top assessment exams used in elementary schools throughout the United States. The test itself is taken on a computer and evaluates students’ skills in language usage, math, and reading comprehension.

The purpose of the test is twofold, as it measures both the student’s own academic progress, as well as his or her abilities in comparison to other students in the same age group. By preparing your child for the test, you are providing them with the opportunity to improve their capabilities as well as their score. Learn more about how the MAP Test is scored.

8 Tips for Preparing your child for the 2nd Grade MAP Test

  • Map out deadlines and priorities. Once your child has taken our initial sample test it will be much easier for you to know what topics to prioritize in your studying plan prior to the test. If your child struggled most with the vocabulary questions and least with math questions, for instance, you may want to begin with the MAP Reading comprehension section.
  • Consult a teacher. Another great way to get a feel for what your child needs the most help with is by consulting his or her instructors. Your child’s instructor will be able to provide greater insight into your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

  • Incorporate fun. It is likely that your child will lose focus here and there. Studying is not easy- especially for a second grader! Therefore, we recommend adding some fun activities to the prepping mix. Examples include one-on-one baking sessions for mathematical concepts or story time and movie nights for strengthening vocabulary.
  • Keep your child healthy and active. Remember: your child won’t be able to learn without the right tools, and these include good physical and mental health. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep, eats right, and is given sufficient time to play and have fun. You will undoubtedly see the benefits.
  • Take regular breaks during study sessions. Focusing for long periods of time is never easy. Give your child a chance to process new information by incorporating small breaks every so often.
  • No pressure! It’s easy to get stressed out with a test like this coming up. But pressuring your child to study will intimidate them and may even lead to test performance anxiety. Instead, try to make light of the test and remind your child that he or she is great no matter what.
  • Use practice tests. While adding variety to your child’s studying plan is beneficial, it is also important to make sure your child is comfortable with the testing format and content. Try TestPrep-Online’s NWEA-replicated practice tests, which offer every type of question on the exam, in the exact order and of the same quantity as the real test.

Prep for the 2nd Grade MAP Test with TestPrep-Online

Don’t know where to start in your preparation process? Try TestPrep-Online. We offer practice packs designed for a variety of ages. Our MAP 2nd Grade Practice Pack offers 804 questions to practice with, including section-specific practice tests. 

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