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Prepare for the 3rd Grade MAP Test

Is your 3rd grader preparing for the MAP test? Are you looking for ways to help your child prepare? TestPrep-Online has the practice materials you've been looking for.
MAP Math 3rd Grade Practice

The MAP Math practice pack for 3rd grade comes with one full-length MAP Math practice test and 395 additional practice questions.

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What Is the MAP Test for 3rd Grade?

MAP for the third grade is a computer-generated test divided into three subjects: math, language usage, and reading. It is a great way for both teachers and parents to gain a better understanding of student progress throughout the year as well as a student's instructional needs. It is also a way for schools to test whether or not students need to be placed into special programming.

The MAP Math Section

The MAP math section for third grade includes seven general areas that are typically covered by the time the student reaches third grade. Third graders taking the MAP test in 2015 scored an average of 197 on the RIT scale. The following subjects were covered on the test:

  • Number sense – using mental math to count and make calculations
  • Estimation and computation – applying basic math functions of fractions and decimals
  • Algebra – solving equations with missing information
  • Geometry – applying concepts in geometry, such as symmetrical and parallel lines
  • Measurement – finding the area and perimeter
  • Statistics and probability – reading basic graphs and charts
  • Problem solving, reasoning, and proofs – word problems that involve multiple equations

Most questions do not require a calculator, but for those that do, an on-screen calculator will appear. Test takers are also given scratch paper where they can work out problems. On average, there are 52 questions on the math section. However, this is subject to change due to the test's adaptive nature.

The MAP Language Usage Section

The language usage section is made up of 52 multiple-choice questions. Topics covered in this section include craft structure and evaluation, grammar and usage, and writing conventions. All questions are designed for the third-grade level. Students do not have a time limit to complete this section, but, on average, they complete it within one hour.

The MAP Reading Section

Like the other two sections of the test, the MAP reading section is untimed, although it generally takes students an hour to finish. The reading section for third grade is adapted to ask questions that third graders are capable of answering. The reading section is made up of 42 questions involving word recognition, text structure, and vocabulary. Students are also asked to read informational texts and answer questions based on those texts. All questions are multiple-choice.

How to Prepare for the MAP Test for 3rd Grade

Preparation is key for your child to perform well on the test and present a full picture of his or her progress on the assessment. With the help of our MAP preparation pack for third grade, you can be sure your student is prepared for test day.

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