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Derek (aged 10)
We use the MAP prep packs in class. We currently use TestPrep-Online's materials to help students prepare for MAP 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade tests. We believe the prep packs have had a positive influence on the students.
Staff at Prestige Preparatory Academy
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We used the CogAT practice tests and I would definitely recommend it to other parents. I liked that my child had both the timed and step-by-step options when taking a practice test.

What Is the NWEA MAP Test for 3rd Grade?

The MAP Test for 3rd grade is an untimed, computer-generated test divided into three subjects: math, language usage, and reading. It is a great way for both teachers and parents to gain a better understanding of a student’s progress throughout the year, as well as a student's instructional needs. It is also a way for schools to test whether students need to be placed in a special program.

Despite being a standardized test, a child can—and should—prepare for the MAP test beforehand, since MAP Test scores can be a deciding factor for placement in either regular or gifted classes. To help you prepare, TestPrep-Online offers a full 3rd Grade MAP test practice pack.

NWEA MAP Test Aligned with the Common Core

As the Common Core becomes more widespread across schools in the United States, many standardized and gifted tests are adapting to its standards. The MAP test for 3rd grade is no exception. For this reason, TestPrep-Online has developed practice tests that follow MAP's Common Core scheme. With our 3rd Grade MAP practice pack, you can ensure that your third grader is exposed to all the topics aligned with the Common Core, and is getting top-notch practice for the test.

The NWEA MAP Math Section

The MAP Math section for 3rd grade includes four general areas that are typically covered by the time the student reaches 3rd grade:

  • Numbers and Operations: using mental math to count and make calculations
  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking: applying basic functions of fractions & decimals
  • Algebra: solving equations with missing information
  • Geometry: applying concepts in geometry, such as symmetrical and parallel lines

Most questions do not require a calculator, but for those that do, an on-screen calculator will appear. Test takers are also given scratch paper for working out problems. On average, there are 53 questions on the math section. However, this number is subject to change due to the test's adaptive nature.

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The NWEA MAP Language Usage Section

The MAP Language Usage section is made up of 53 multiple-choice questions. Here's a look at what's covered in this section:

  • Language: demonstrating a grasp of various language conventions including punctuation, capitalization, and spelling
  • Grammar and Usage: exhibiting an understanding of grammar conventions and accurately apply them
  • Writing Conventions: demonstrating how to plan and organize writing

The NWEA MAP Reading Section

The MAP Reading section for third grade is adapted to ask questions that third graders are generally capable of answering. The reading section is divided into three main subsections:

  • Word recognition and vocabulary: decoding words and recognizing word structures and relationships
  • Literature: understanding key structures and ideas within literary texts, demonstrating an ability to analyze key crafts and purposes
  • Informational texts: demonstrating an understanding of main ideas and structure

MAP Testing Practice for 3rd Grade

Preparation is key for your child to perform well on the test and accurately present a full picture of his or her progress on the assessment. Our 3rd Grade MAP Practice Pack is equipped with over 800 math, reading, and language usage questions specifically focused on the MAP test for 3rd Grade. With our practice pack, your child is guaranteed the opportunity to practice, progress, and improve. Interested? Make your purchase today! 

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