About the 4th Grade STAAR Test

Students in the fourth grade take three STAAR tests: Math, Writing, and Reading. This year (2019–2020), the 4th grade STAAR testing dates are as follows:

While the number of tests may be intimidating at first, with the right preparation, your student can feel both comfortable and confident on all three days of testing. Each test has a time limit of four hours. After completing the test, students' scores fall into one of the three performance standards:

  • Level I: Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
  • Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance
  • Level III: Advanced Academic Performance 

Read more about the STAAR Performance Standards here.

4th Grade STAAR Math Test

During the 4th Grade STAAR Math Test, students have to answer 45 multiple-choice questions, in addition to three open-ended ones. Though calculators are not allowed, students are given graphing paper and reference sheets to help them calculate. The questions focus on the various mathematical concepts taught to the student throughout the school year.

For many students, math tests of any sort can be intimidating. Make sure to ease your child’s anxiety by preparing for the test with TestPrep-Online’s practice resources.

4th Grade STAAR Reading Test

The 4th Grade STAAR Reading Test contains six passages, about 600–800 words in length, and 44 follow-up questions altogether. The texts chosen are of a variety of both fiction and non-fiction sources. The test measures the fourth grader's ability to detect and identify literary tools and qualities, such as theme and perspective. In addition, certain passages may be accompanied by images, as well as questions inquiring about the relationship between these images and the written information. Becoming accustomed to various text genres and formats on the 4th Grade STAAR is important in order to do well.

TestPrep-Online has developed several academic practice packs with 4th grade reading material to do just that. Try our MAP 4th Grade Practice Pack, which offers a variety of reading passages & texts relevant to the 4th Grade STAAR Reading Test.

4th Grade STAAR Writing Test

The 4th Grade STAAR Writing Test contains three passages, about 300–550 words in length, as well as 18 multiple-choice questions. The multiple-choice questions consist of six revision questions and 12 editing questions. The writing prompt can be expository or more personal in nature. The questions assess students' knowledge in the following areas:

  • Grammar Tense
  • Capitalization
  • Spelling
  • Syntax
  • Punctuation
  • Paragraph structure

Students may be asked to revise a given sentence, or to clarify an argument by either replacing or adding sections to sentences/passages. The test also contains questions regarding the purpose of sentences and their relationship within a given passage.

On the surface, the STAAR Writing Test may seem like a tricky test to prepare for. However, with the right tools and routine, your child can become accustomed to the test’s format, and know what to expect on the day of the test. Find out more about how TestPrep-Online can help you prepare.

4th Grade Math STAAR Tips

  • Play games. Make the math exercises less intimidating and more fun by turning them into a game for your child. Set a timer and challenge your child to complete as many questions as possible. This will both sharpen your child’s skill and help him or her perform better under pressure.
  • Review past homework assignments. The 4th Grade STAAR is based on the 4th Grade curriculum. Past homework is, therefore, a gem for pinpointing the areas of knowledge your child needs to work on.
  • Incorporate mathematical concepts into fun activities. Math is everywhere, including in what we do every day. Take advantage of this! Find a fun activity, such as baking or sports, and challenge your child by asking mathematical questions to help instill logical thinking patterns; this can be anything, from figuring out measurements for cake ingredients, to calculating how far s/he needs to run in order to reach the prize you bought and hid.
  • Practice with past exams. Math tests of any standardized formats are particularly tricky. Why? The question itself likes to distract the student from the actual task that is needed. Help your child feel comfortable with the testing format by practicing with actual tests.

4th Grade Reading STAAR Tips

  • READ. Unsurprisingly, the best way to sharpen your child’s reading comprehension skills is by, well…reading. Choosing a few enticing texts and discussing them with your child in a fun, easy-going manner can help him or her feel comfortable with the idea of active reading. It is also a great way to reduce any anxiety your child may have about this test.
  • Use a glossary notebook. Much of the challenge in the STAAR Reading Test is in the vocabulary used in the texts. Make sure your child is well-equipped by introducing as many new words as possible. One way to do this is through giving your child a notebook in which to write down all the new words s/he comes across. If your child is not thrilled with the prospect of a glossary notebook, have him or her decorate it to make it more personal.
  • Think before you speak. If you plan on helping your child prepare, chances are many of the new words s/he will hear will come from you. Use this to your advantage in the prepping process by purposely incorporating new and challenging words into your speech. This will invite your child to ask questions and thus gain vocabulary and understanding.
  • Ask questions. Many reading comprehension questions require students to think outside the box. Help your child do so by asking more thought-provoking questions throughout the day. When watching a movie, for instance, ask your child what he or she thinks were the motives of a specific character’s actions.

Prepare for the 2019 4th Grade STAAR with TestPrep-Online

The 4th Grade STAAR is designed to provide an accurate picture of your child’s current academic abilities and potential.

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