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The pack includes:
  • 469 total questions, comprised of:
    • One full-length MAP practice test per topic (Math, Reading, and Language Usage) aligned with the Common Core Curriculum
    • Six additional level-specific quizzes per topic
    • 50 math enrichment questions
  • Thorough explanations
  • Student PDF guide & Parent PDF guide
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    What is the NWEA 2nd Grade MAP Test? 

    NWEA's Measurement of Academic Progress, or MAP, is an academic aptitude test designed to adjust itself to each student's abilities, regardless of age or grade. Educators often use these scores to better understand a child's academic potential. A student's results may also be used to understand his or her academic strengths and weaknesses. Many academic establishments use the test as a form of screening for various programs.

    The 2nd Grade MAP test is a computerized test that measures the student's abilities in math, language usage, reading comprehension, and for some grades, science. The test is untimed, but takes about an hour to complete. Students take the exam in a classroom setting. Since the 2nd grade MAP test does not require any heavy calculations, a calculator is not necessary. However, students do receive scrap paper to take notes and make calculations, if needed.

    What is an NWEA MAP Adaptive Test?

    The MAP Test for 2nd Grade is adaptive, which means that if one question is answered correctly the next question becomes harder; if the question is answered incorrectly, the next question becomes easier.

    We now offer a practice pack for the NWEA MAP 2nd grade test! You can start practicing with our MAP 2nd grade practice questions, and get access to all our MAP practice packs by purchasing the Premium Membership plan!

    The MAP K–2 & the MAP 2–5

    The NWEA has developed two forms of the MAP assessment for 2nd graders to take. The first is the MAP K–2. This test is an adjusted version of the MAP Test for students who cannot yet read. This test uses recorded instructions, which are heard rather than read.

    The MAP 2–5 is a test that is designed for students who are already able to read. This test is taken in the same manner as any other test.

    Why Prepare for the 2nd Grade MAP Test?

    It is highly recommended that your child prepare for the MAP test. Many topics on the test can be mastered simply through the right revision material. Proper preparation, therefore, provides a more accurate image of your second grader's abilities. In addition, many academic establishments use MAP scores as admission material. Your child's MAP score can mean entry into competitive gifted programs.

    Looking for a different grade? Check out our NWEA MAP practice test options:

    2nd Grade MAP Test Scores

    For score calculations, NWEA uses the Rasch Unit Scale (RIT). This scale is an equal interval scale that functions like a ruler. The scale allows for the student's skills to be appraised individually, as each point remains the same regardless of age or grade.

    Want to better understand 2nd Grade MAP test scores? Visit our MAP Scores page!

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    2nd Grade MAP & The Common Core

    The Common Core is a set of learning standards used in many schools in the United States, which dictates what knowledge and skills a student should obtain by the end of a specific school year. Like many other standardized tests in the United States, NWEA's MAP has incorporated the Common Core into its testing material. Questions appearing in the 2nd Grade MAP Test are, therefore, based on the content of the Common Core guidelines for 2nd Grade.

    Though TestPrep-Online's practice tests for 2nd Grade MAP are not adaptive like the original test, they do incorporate standards of the Common Core that appear on the exam, and are based on the same standards and the RIT range for second grade.

    MAP Test Practice for 2nd Grade Math

    Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    • Representing and solving problems
    • Analyzing patterns and connections
    Numbers and Operations
    • Understanding place value, counting, and sets
    • Base ten- numbers and operations
    • Fractions- numbers and operations
    Measurement and Data
    • Geometric measurement and problem solving
    • Representing and interpreting data
    • Reasoning with shapes, attributes, and coordinate planes

    MAP Test Practice for 2nd Grade Language Usage

    • Capitalization
    • Punctuation
    • Spelling
    Parts of Speech
    • Nouns and pronouns
    • Verbs
    • Adjectives and adverbs
    • Prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections
    • Phrases and clauses
    • Sentence structure, sentence types, and meaning
    • Subject-verb agreement
    Writing Process
    • Prewriting, planning, and research
    • Genre
    • Organization and use of transitions
    • Thesis or topic development & drafting and providing supporting details
    • Purpose, audience, style and tone

    MAP Test Practice for 2nd Grade Reading

    Word Meaning: word Origins, Relationships, and Semantics
    • Letters, syllables, affixes, and roots
    • Antonyms, synonyms, homographs, and word nuances
    • Context clues
    Literary Concepts: Main Ideas, Details, and Inferences
    • Identification of main ideas and details, summarization, and locating of information
    • Conclusions, inferences, and predictions
    • Identification and analyzation of characterization, plot, and setting
    Literary Concepts: Purpose, Structure, and Devices
    • Analyzation of author's purpose, style, and viewpoint
    • Analyzation of structure and genre
    • Identification and interpretation of literary devices and figurative language
    Informational Concepts: Main Ideas, Details, and Inferences
    • Identification of main ideas behind details, summarization, and locating of information
    • Facts and opinions, conclusions, inferences, predictions
    • Following directions, identification of sequence, use of visuals
    Informational Concepts: Purpose, Structure, and Argument
    • Author's purpose and viewpoint
    • Structure and genre
    • Argument and credibility

    2nd Grade MAP Test Practice with TestPrep-Online

    For your child to get the most out of the 2nd Grade MAP Test, it is necessary to prepare. Proper preparation will give your child a chance to stand out against other students, and be accepted into gifted and talented programs. In contrast, a lack of preparation will give a blurred report of your second grader's skills: One wrong question can mean being bumped down to a level that may, in fact, be too easy for your child. A situation such as this is easily avoided with the right practice material at hand.

    TestPrep-Online offers several forms of MAP test practice for 2nd Grade, which can help your child reach his or her actual potential. Our pack will cover all the core sections, including math, reading, and language usage. All our packs offer several methods of practice, such as sample tests, section-specific explanations, and study guides, and with the right device at your hands, an opportunity to study anytime, anywhere.

    For access to all our practice packs not including the 2nd Grade MAP Practice pack, currently in development, purchase our Premium Membership now!

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