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What is the CogAT Screening Form?

The CogAT Screening Form is a quick-fix option for determining eligibility for gifted and talented programs. The test takes only 30 minutes to complete. Though the CogAT Screening Form cannot predict future achievement, it can be used as a reliable psychometric assessment of a student’s academic abilities.

The test itself is a minimized version of the complete CogAT Form 7, containing only the analogies section of each battery, including picture/verbal analogies, number analogies, and figure matrices.

Why the CogAT Screening Form?

For many educators, the CogAT Screening Form is incredibly convenient, as it offers a quality appraisal without consuming too much time, which allows the test to be administered to a larger quantity of students. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to spot gifted English Learner students or students who struggle with reading. These students may produce a score that in reality does not accurately reflect their abilities. The CogAT Screening Form is a way to stop this from happening.

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Cogat Screening Form Sample Questions & Explanations

TestPrep-Online offers several sample questions and study guides to help your child become more familiar with the test content. Purchase our CogAT Screening Form Practice Pack today!

CogAT Screening Form Picture/Verbal Analogies

Both the verbal and the picture portions of this section measures the student’s reasoning skills. In the verbal section, students are provided with two or three words that are somehow related. Their task is to choose the option that most corresponds to the theme of the other words.

In the picture portion of this section, the same instructions are given, but through images. A student is shown a series of images and must choose the most appropriate one to correspond to the theme from the options given. The goal of this portion of the test is to measure a child’s nonverbal reasoning skills.

CogAT Screening Form Number analogies

Here, students are tested on their recognition of mathematical patterns. For the younger grades, students are given a series of images containing a numerical pattern.Their task is to choose from the options the image that accurately reflects this pattern.

For the higher-level tests, rather than analyzing images, the students are required to recognize the pattern in a series of numbers and should choose the number that fits the pattern from the options they are given.

CogAT Screening Form Figure Matrices

The questions in this section are presented as two by two matrixes with three cells containing numbers, and the fourth one being empty. A student should analyze the top two cells, recognize the pattern between them, and fill the cell with the option that reflects the same pattern with the third cell.

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CogAT Screening Form Practice & Preparation Tips

  • Incorporate studying into fun activities. For younger children, it is not easy to sit still and study. Avoid this barrier by making CogAT Screening Form preparation a part of something fun. Present patterns in creative and fun ways, and see if your child can spot them: Bake a cake and ask if your child can point out the similarities between the cooking utensils; draw together, and challenge your child to make a consistent pattern. Whatever activity you choose, make sure it’s one your child enjoys!

  • Practice with sample questions. By using sample questions, you are getting your child used to the format of the test. Making the child comfortable with the testing material is extremely important. The trick is familiarization. To make your child feel fully comfortable and confident with the testing content, TestPrep-Online offers several sample tests and hundreds of section-specific sample questions to practice with.

  • Keep your child well-fed and well-rested. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Your child is still growing and needs enough fuel not only to study but to continue developing. Make sure your child does not burn out before the test even starts.

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Get Ready for the CogAT Screening Form with TestPrep-Online!

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