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Free ATI TEAS Practice Test Questions

Performing well on the ATI TEAS 6 test is a crucial step to securing a place in the nursing program of your choice. TestPrep-Online offers a full-length free TEAS practice test, as well as additional practice questions for Science, Math, Reading, and English and Language Usage. Start your TEAS exam practice now and improve your score today.
Free TEAS Test

A full-length free TEAS V practice test. Available in both timed and untimed modes, featuring a score report.


Free Practice Test for the TEAS

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), often called the ATI TEAS for nursing, is frequently used as part of the admissions process for health programs. We have made our full-length TEAS practice test free for anyone preparing for their upcoming TEAS exam. There is no sign-up required, simply click on the link above to take the test now.

In addition, to our free TEAS V practice test, we offer supplementary practice questions for each of the four subjects. Click the links below to access the tests:

The official exam provider for the TEAS is ATI Testing. In August 2016, ATI Testing released the ATI TEAS 6, the sixth edition of the exam. We are currently developing new exam material for our ATI TEAS practice test, including upgrading our TEAS V study guide.

Our TEAS V practice questions are great exam preparation materials for the latest version of the nursing exam. Taking a practice TEAS test helps to both familiarize the test taker with question styles and to improve his or her ability to perform under time pressure.

Free PDF TEAS Study Guide

Our free study aid is both downloadable and printable. It offers tips and advice as to how to use our free resources to ace your TEAS test, as well as TEAS sample questions and answers. You can also find information on question numbers and timings for each section, as well as how much each topic contributes to your overall grade.

Within our free TEAS Study Guide, you can find ten steps that we recommend you follow when preparing for your TEAS exam with our free material. To print or download the study guide, simply click the link below.

Free TEAS V Practice Test

Our free TEAS practice test contains the four sections found on the ATI TEAS 6 test, with slightly altered timings for each section. You will have a total of 209 minutes to complete this practice test. Once you have finished, a score report will generate and appear on your screen, informing you of how you performed.

You can take the exam in two different modes: timed or step-by-step, which is untimed. When working in the step-by-step mode, you can view explanations for each of the TEAS test questions. In timed mode, you can only view the explanations once you have completed the exam.

Our TEAS V practice test material offers TEAS questions that cover a lot of the same subject matter as an ATI TEAS practice test. 

ATI TEAS Science Practice Test

This section of the test is comprised of three topics: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Life & Physical Sciences, and Scientific Reasoning. Previously, the TEAS V included a topic called Earth & Physical Science. This topic is no longer examined on the ATI TEAS 6. We are currently redeveloping our TEAS 6 practice test to include many more questions on the Human Anatomy & Physiology section, which is now the main sub-topic in the Science section of the exam.

The Science section in our free TEAS practice test includes some questions from the Earth & Physical Science topic. However, as these questions do not make up a large percentage of the test, our full-length free test can still offer excellent practice.

We also offer a TEAS Science test, another free practice TEAS test that includes 54 additional practice questions. Our TEAS Science practice test can be taken in both timed and step-by-step mode. Click the link below to start practicing now.

ATI TEAS Reading Test

This portion of the test is used to evaluate reading comprehension skills. There are three topics in this section: Key Ideas & Details, Craft & Structure, and Integration of Knowledge & Ideas.

The difference between the questions on the TEAS V and ATI TEAS 6 Reading section is very small. This means you can use our free full-length TEAS 5 practice test to help you fully prepare for the TEAS 6 Reading section.

Our free practice TEAS V test offers a great preparation tool for the real exam. Taking TEAS practice questions allows you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the material and test environment.

Once you have completed our full-length TEAS practice exam, continue with your test prep by taking our TEAS V Reading practice test. The test consists of 30 questions and includes answer explanations. Simply click the link below to take our TEAS practice questions for the Reading section now.

ATI TEAS Math Test

Math operations, algebraic applications, data interpretations, and measurements are covered on this part of the ATI TEAS exam within two topics: Numbers & Algebra and Measurement & Data. Calculators may now be used on the actual ATI TEAS 6 exam.

Our TEAS 6 practice tests, currently in development, will be calculator tests. Both our practice TEAS V test and the additional practice questions in the TEAS Math practice test are designed for non-calculator practice. As our TEAS Math practice questions were designed to test your skills without a calculator, it is advised that you answer the questions without a calculator, in order to get the full benefit of the test.

These TEAS math tests offer the opportunity to improve your mental arithmetic and confidence with all the topics. Ensuring that you are skilled and comfortable with basic math is a vital step in your TEAS test prep. Doing so will improve the efficiency at which you can answer the questions during both your TEAS exam practice and the actual exam.

Free examples of our TEAS testing practice questions for Math can be found on our printable TEAS PDF study guide. To access the guide, click the link below.

Be sure to take the time to read through the detailed answer explanations that accompany our TEAS Math questions to help your understanding of the problem and solution.

In addition to the math section within our full-length exam, we offer 33 math questions in a standalone math practice test. These additional questions can serve as great TEAS test practice for the actual ATI TEAS Math section.

To take the TEAS Math test, click the link below.

ATI TEAS English and Language Usage Test

This section of the exam is often called the English TEAS Test. This part of the test is made up of questions assessing spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, and word meaning. There are three topics: Conventions of Standard English, Knowledge of Language, and Vocabulary Acquisition.

In the previous exam, the topics for TEAS V English and Language Usage section were called Grammar & Word Meanings in Context, Spelling & Punctuation, and Structure. The topics in our TEAS 5 practice test and the topics in the ATI TEAS 6 cover much of the same material.

If you only want to focus on the English section, we offer a TEAS English and Language Usage practice test that includes 35 extra practice questions. These TEAS English practice questions are a great supplement to your test prep.

To start your TEAS English review now, click the link below to access our English TEAS V test.

Keep Practicing for the ATI TEAS

It is recommended that you prepare thoroughly for the ATI TEAS test with a TEAS practice test for nursing. We have made our TEAS V practice tests free for everyone. Our material covers much of the same material on the latest test, so our TEAS V questions offer great practice.

We suggest you start with our tips and sample questions in our TEAS test study guide. Once you have seen the example questions and understood the test format, continue your preparation with our full-length free TEAS practice tests and additional practice questions.

We are redeveloping our TEAS V Study Guide and TEAS test practice questions to reflect ATI Testing’s new TEAS test. Our new materials will be available soon. In the meantime, get more out of your studies with our online free resources.

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