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Free ATI TEAS Practice Test Questions

Performing well on your ATI TEAS exam is a crucial step to securing a place in the nursing program of your choice. TestPrep-Online offers a free TEAS practice sample test. Take the test now!
ATI TEAS Free Sample Practice Questions

A timed test with a selection of 10 sample questions taken from all four TEAS test subjects. Includes answers and a score report.


Free ATI TEAS Practice Test

TestPrep-Online's free ATI TEAS practice test contains a mix of 10 sample questions taken from each of the four sections of the test. You will have 12 minutes to complete this practice test. Upon completion, a score report will generate and appear on your screen, informing you how you performed on the test. Taking a free TEAS practice test will enable you to see which questions you answered correctly and in which areas may need improvement.

The sample questions above offer an example of the test format and structure found in all of TestPrep-Online’s TEAS V packs. Use this sample test as a short mock exam to test your skills, as well as to familiarize yourself with the examination style.

About the ATI TEAS Test

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is frequently used as part of the admissions process for nursing programs. The TEAS consists of four sections: Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. Learn more about the TEAS test and find more practice materials.

TEAS Reading

This portion of the test is used to evaluate reading comprehension skills. There are three topics in this section: Key Ideas & Details, Craft & Structure, and Integration of Knowledge & Ideas. Practice ATI TEAS Reading test questions now.

TEAS Mathematics

Math operations, algebraic applications, data interpretations, and measurements are included on this part of the ATI TEAS exam within two topics: Numbers & Algebra and Measurement & Data. Calculators may now be used. Practice with questions for the ATI TEAS Math test.

TEAS Science

This section of the test is comprised of three topics: Human Anatomy & Physiology, Life & Physical Sciences, and Scientific Reasoning. Practice an ATI TEAS Science test now.

TEAS English and Language Usage

This part of the test is made up of questions assessing spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, and word meaning. There are three topics: Conventions of Standard English, Knowledge of Language, and Vocabulary Acquisition. Practice ATI TEAS English and Language Usage test questions now.

Keep Practicing for the ATI TEAS

It is highly recommended that you prepare thoroughly for the ATI TEAS test. Once you have tried the example questions above, continue preparing with TestPrep-Online's TEAS V practice tests and practice packs.

Our best value pack is the TEAS V Premium Pack, comprised of over 1,000 TEAS V practice questions. It also features two full-length TEAS V practice tests. Detailed explanations, math study guides, and comprehensive score reports are also included. The content and test style of the TEAS V Premium Pack is similar to the content and test style of the ATI TEAS, with only a few changes. We are working on developing a built-in calculator feature in for the Math test section. Expect to be able to use an onscreen calculator in during the ATI TEAS math Math section in of the actual ATI TEAS exam.

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"I found this website to be very helpful. The practice tests are almost identical to the real test; they have helped me a lot in studying." 
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